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The Thirty-fourth Year

Pas d'Arms and Feast -- Windy Meads

April 8, 2000 (AS XXXIV)

Willow Oak Fire Hall,
Woodland, CA

From The Page (March, 2000):

To the four comers of the kingdom, the Shire of Windy Meads sends forth this challenge to all virtuous warriors of every class and distinction: a call to a passage of arms in honor of our fallen friend and comrade. Lance Artur de Beaureguard. This memorial will be a Pas d'Arms in the Burgundian/King Rene style whereby each valiant warrior, be they tenan (defending the field of Windy Meads) or venan (a challenger to the field), will adopt an Arthurian persona; however, three personas have been reserved; His Majesty Fabian will adopt the persona of Arthur; the persona of Lancelot will be an accolade placed at the "graveside" of our fallen comrade; and the persona of Galahad will be bestowed upon that warrior who, in the gallery's opinion, exhibited the "soul of chivalry" upon the field.

Our Knight of Honor and Umpire of the Field, Obadiah, will ensure that the challenges, both at the barrier and upon the field, will befit this honorable memorial of marshal splendor. All honorable challenges, whether they be in the form of single sword, sword and shield, great sword, Dane ax, pole ax or dagger, will be executed in the presence of the gallery who will convene to inspire great deeds of valor, chivalry and panache. After the honorable estate of this pas d'arms has been completed, a fine feast prepared by Violante de Navarr will be served i n the adjoining hall. Old favorites and tempting surprises await us at our feast tables where we may revel and recount the day's glories, as well as those past glorious days in the company of friends to whom we have since bid farewell.

A&S: An Arts and Sciences display and competition will be held for "Favors and Tokens of Love and Honor." Entries in any period Art or Science of things created as favors and tokens to consorts, sisters and brothers, friends and lovers are welcome — belt favors, costume pieces, leather, wood, jewelry, metalwork, textiles, stories, song and embroidery! Documentation may be written or oral; unfinished projects are eligible. Prizes will be offered for Most Authentic, Most Romantic/Meaningful, and Choice of the Populace. Questions may be referred to Christian de Holacombe at (contact info omitted).

Site Information: The site. Willow Oak Fire Hall and adjoining field, will open at 10 am, with armor inspection beginning at 11 am and the pas d'arms beginning at noon. The A&S competition begins also at noon and the Feast will begin at 5:30 pm.

Site/Feast Fee: For those interested in the pas d'arms, but not the feast, a fee of $3 will be accepted at the list table. A ticket for the pas d'arms and feast may be purchased for $12; tickets are limited to one hundred.

Autocrat: Antonio Giordano da Sicilia (contact info omitted).

Mistress of the Feast: Violante de Navarr (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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