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The Thirty-fourth Year

Winter Coronet -- Oertha

January 15-16, 2000 (AS XXXIV)

Palmer, AK

From The Page (December, 1999):

Their Highnesses, Nicholaus and Alyssia, request the company of all peers, gentles, and children of the realms of Oertha and the West as They prepare to circlet Their successors in a "Vaguely Viking" atmosphere.

Prepare to satisfy your appetite with succulent and hearty Northern repasts, let your feet move to the sound of the lute, lyre and harp, and savor the hospitality of the people of Selveirgard.

The festivities will commence with a joyful bardic at 7 PM Friday evening at the home of Lord William and Lady Catherine at (address omitted), Wasilla, AK. Then, transport your household to the friendly community of Palmer for two days of tradition, pageantry and merriment.

Contests: Prince's Whim-Armor in any mode, to be judged on function and appearance. Princess' Whim-Cheesecake in any mode. Guild of the Ivory Thimble- Surcoats in any mode. Brewers Guild-Meads and Melomels.

Needful Information:

Autocrat-Rhiannon of Boruma (contact info omitted) / Site-(address omitted), Palmer, A K / Site Opens-Saturday, 9:00 AM and closes Sunday, 5:00 PM, / Lodging-contact autocrat for information.

Site Fee: Before Dec. 15 Adults $20/Child(6-12) $10/ Babes-free After Dec. 15 Adult $30/Child(6-12) $16/Babes-free

Send reservations to Margarita de la Calvi: (contact info omitted)

Alfonso d'Strada
(No arms registered)
Cedrin Etainnighean
Gules, twelve penguins passant, wings
addorsed, proper. [Speniscus sp.]
Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

(Account taken from a video by Master Khevron Oktavii and Lord Havoc atte Ree, typed up by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov)

Event held in Selviergard (between Palmer & Wasilla, Alaska), at a beautiful site obtained only weeks earlier found by Lord William Kearny after the original site was lost. The site was on a frozen lake and had a hall with two floors, upstairs for tables, downstairs for courts and dancing. Cabins on the property accommodated much of the populace.

Royalty in attendance Prince Nicholaus, Princess Alyssia, King Fabian and Queen Brynn

Opening Kingdom Court
Fealtys to the Crown of the West by the Coronets, Baronage, Viscounty, Chivalry and Laurels and Pelicans.
Homage by the populace
Presentation of gifts from Winter’s Gate by Magda Oshastka

Principality Court
Birthday song for 2 year old Emily.
Viscount Sir Georg presented flowers “from the bleak and colorless Oerthan landscape” to Her Majesty, Her Highness, and the lady Baronesses to hand out to persons who inspire them through the day.

Georg’s Squire Magnus was discharged of a quest to fight as many fights as possible in honor of Lady Clare for an offense at the last Summer Coronet.

Autocrat’s announcements

Canton known as Moroedd Oer (now Ynys Taltraeth) Hafoc and Khevron presented gifts to Her Majesty and Her Highness, and to His Highness a new Stellanordica Herald’s tabard, in the arms of the Prince, to replace the aged lamay green cross-horns tabard. Tabard well received and modeled by the Herald, Bjarni.

List for the Coronet Tourney and their Consorts
Patrick Logan and Katla of Bergen
Fergus MacThomais and Margarita de la Calvi
Viresse de Lighthaven and Astrin
Taran de Montfort and Giuliana
Alfonso d’Strada and Cedrin Etanianne
William Kearney and Katherine of Birchfeld
Magnus Sigmarsson and Esperanza
Kareina Talvi Tytar and Khevron Oktavii
Barbara of Winter’s Gate and Benjamin of Winter’s Gate
Benjamin of Winter’s Gate and Barbara of Winter’s Gate

Knight Marshall Viscount Sir Kylson gave conventions of combat.
End of Opening Court.

Fighting was on the lake itself, on the ice. Alfonso and Cedrin made Lord and Lady Borealis on the field (of ice).

Evening Kingdom court
Alfonso d’Strada knighted in great company, Knights, Laurel and pels, and several speeches.
Viresse’ was placed on the Queen’s Guard by Her Majesty Brynn.
King Fabian gave Thomas Sorngrym his Award of Arms, noting his staying at the former site location to redirect stray populace to the new site.
(Site was changed within a month of event)
King Fabian spoke at length of his quest to find the Queen armory. The Herald, Lord Bjarni was given and accepted a quest to find arms.
Lady Espeth Buchannane of Loch Lomond was protégé’d to Master Patrick.
Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov was made a pelican by Their Majesties. The only person to recite his name without a slight flub was the King. Varakrievatar Kareina gifted Khevron an embroidered notebook in the bayeaux tapestry stitch and style.
Token’s history Gwendolyn the Ratkeeper, Peredur ap Tristan, Karl von Montfort, Alicianne de Montfort, Cassandra von Verden, Kylson Skyfyre, Khevron.

Sunday Principality Court
Kylson and Georg reported on quest to fight one fight each for each day of Alyssia’s reign.
Bjarni was given his 2nd Leaf of Merit.
The Autocrat Lilandra gave thanks to the numerous help for the event.
Ivory Thimble “Surcote” Winner was Elspeth, Honorable mention Magda for Taran’s fighting tabard.
Brewer’s Guild Meads & Melomels Winner Maurella MacGregor for her Melomel
Armor in any mode Katherine of Birchfeld’s Rapier armor which looked like a nice doublet.

Princess’ Riband given to Anne and Kylson by HH
Richenza stepped down as lady Guardian
Escort released Hafoc, Barbara, Viresse’, ______
Ladies of the Chamber released Magda, Hawk, Laura, Lilandra, __________
Steward released __________
Berik, the Princess’ Hugger released
Champions Georg and Kylson released

Lord and Lady Borealis announced into court by Master Juan Miguel and recognized by Their Highnesses.
Coronets bestowed on Alfonso and Cedrin by Nicholaus and Alyssia
New Prince and Princess swore fealty to their Majesties, gifts exchanged.

Kingdom Court
Viresse’ given Leaf of Merit
Queen gave tokens to Hawk and Lilandra for thanks and as examples
Surprise Laurel ceremony for Kareina Talvi Tytar
Token History Made by Hirsch von Henford, given to Cedrin by Queen Megan July AS XXIX
Circlet given by Mistress Alyssia given to her July AS XXXII at her ceremony
Shire Selviergard (en masse) presentation of crafts from Lady Katherine (aka Ruth)

1st Court of Alfonso and Cedrin
Lord and Lady Guardian of Oertha Patrick and Katla
Princess’ Escort Hafoc Ree, Grimr af Vargejum (Captain), Magnus Sigmarsson, Barbara of Winter’s Gate, Fergus MacThomais, Cyrus of Eskalya, Kenneth.
Ladies of the Chamber Helena, Morgana yr Oerfa, Piasa Dragonsaver, Clare Elena of Strathclyde, Katla of Bergen, Angustias.
Ladies of courtesy and Honor Anne of Bradford, Sorcha Caremon, Kathrine of Birchfeld, Magda
Steward of the Progress Khevron Oktavii.
Secretary Grand Imir Juan Miguel and Mistress Penelope.
Steward and Sergeant of the Court Tancred de Fraser.

Cleanup and farewells.


Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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