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The Thirty-fourth Year

Estrella War -- Kingdom of Atenveldt

February 16-21, 2000 (AS XXXIV)

Phoenix, AZ

From The Page (February, 2000):

To War! To War! Estrella War XVI - The Millennium War is fast approaching. Join the Allied Kingdoms of Artemesia, Atenveldt, Caid and the Outlands as they engage in glorious combat, competition and marvelous festivities of the first war or the new millennium. Let the drums of war beat long and loud, let the pipers play and the banners fly, Estrella War is fast approaching! Gates open on Wednesday, February 16 at 8 am for pre-registered attendees. On-site registration will be allowed on site at noon. Site closes Monday, February 21. All attendees are required to be off site no later than 5 pm.

Site fees: Arrival @ 2/16 gate open-midnight: $30 - Adult Member; $35 - Adult Non-member; $10 - Youth 12-17. Arrival @ 2/19 12:01 am-close: $20-Adult Member; $25- Adult Non-member; $10 - Youth 12-17.

Preregistered attendees may enter the site at 8 am opening day after going through check-in and signing site waivers. For more preregistration information please contact Giliana Spencer de Windermere (contact info omitted).

Merchants! All merchants interested in attending should contact Lady Aurora d'Eccosse' The Blonde, our Merchant Autocrat (contact info omitted). Merchants who are pre-registered will be allowed on site Tuesday, February 15.

The Dust? Last year was a very dry, cold winter in Phoenix, which led to a very dusty site. With the huge population boom on site, an extra 1,200 attendees and a hard freeze Tuesday evening just prior to opening, the ground cover (dormant Bermuda grass) quickly died and the site became very barren. This, coupled with the camp smoke from the attendees, led to a dusty site. This year the Kingdom, War staff and site owner are working to ensure the survival of the ground cover on the main camping field, and the work crews have been working hard to improve the fighting areas within the Battle Pit! Driving on the interior roads will be limited to loading and unloading only. Please be prepared. Most of us are city dwellers, going from our climate-controlled homes to our climate-controlled vehicles to our climate-controlled places of employment or colleges, suddenly thrust into a dirty, smoky environment with a few thousand friends from around the globe. Add to this the unpredictable weather; cold and windy or dry and hot - it's Phoenix. If you have a known respiratory history, or allergies, you are urged to contact your family physician prior to the event & bring with you whatever prescriptions or over-the-counter medications you may need in a varied environment. Please consider this a primitive site.

Minors: All minors (17 & under) must be registered and have a site waiver on file. All minors will be issued an ID bracelet to be worn at all times. Children (7 & under) must be registered at Troll but will not be charged site fee. All minors attending the event must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian also attending the event. Proof of temporary guardianship IS required. You must have two copies of notarized documentation if you are bringing other minor children onto site with you OTHER THAN YOUR OWN CHILDREN. These papers must originate from your state of origin; one form to be kept at registration & the other with the child/guardian. If you arrive without documentation you will not be allowed onto the site. The Estrella War Staff & the SCA are not responsible for providing this documentation, NOR CAN THEY. This paperwork is the responsibility of the parents & guardian bringing the minor(s) onto the site. Our staff understands the legalities surrounding this issue & the responsibilities.

The Webpage has been updated to reflect multiple classes, tourneys, special events, site rules and merchants. Please contact the autocrat in charge of that area with questions.

Autocrats: For further information please contact our Autocrats Baron Nootka or Baroness Alexandra (contact info not provided) or visit (website omitted).

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