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The Thirty-fourth Year

Ducal Prize Tournament -- KHTI

September 3-6, 1999 (AS XXXIV)

Riverside Park,
Marysville, CA

From The Page (July, 1999):

Despite the best efforts of several people to find us a site away from the humidity of Marysville, we are going to be there again this year. The costs involved with the other investigated sites would have meant a site fee of close to $10. If you would like details, please contact me privately and I would be happy to tell you all about it. Start looking now for next year. A farmer's field would be nice - we really don't need a great deal in amenities, now _do_ we? Anyway, here is your first look at the Millennial Ducal:

BARDIC: Special Request (Friday night), Founder's Filk (songs from 65/66), madrigals, story or poem on millennialism, riddles. The Casbah will be on Sunday night this year. Bardic competitions will be on Saturday. GAMES - Pin the Belt (or baldric) on the Duke, Water Balloon melee, Soak the Duke ($.25 per water balloon), Hunkerhauser (under and over 120 lb), Drag Races — men's, women's, kids' divisions (style not speed). Scavenger Hunt (adults & kids), Monday Morning Wrestling, Tug of War, Hula Hooping in Armor, Children's Boffer list, 12-15 year old Shinai List (must be wearing minimum of light fighter armor and Shinai must be covered with foam pipe insulation), ARTS & SCIENCES: Offensive Garb (Willowyn will judge). Boxes, Period Food for Travelers, Shoes/Boots, non-period Cheesecakes, Beers, List Shields, Weaving, Counted Stitch, Period Cool Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, but not beer) ARCHERY: IKAC, Hit the Target (war arrows, moving target) RAPIER: Barroom Brawl FIGHTING: Super Hero Melee, Resurrection Melee (buy extra Uves), Ducal Team melee, Sword and Shield lists (belted and unbelted), Pole Arm melee (under 7.5 ft), Mass Weapon melee, No Shield List (6 ft limit), Shasta Melee.

Merchant questions should be directed to Sarah Elizabeth, Kingdom Merchant Coordinator. Merchants should be aware that Ducal Merchant requirements are different than Kingdom requirements. Also, Merchants may not enter the site until it officially opens. ALL dogs must be kept leashed at all times. Loud noises must cease at 1 a.m. Alcohol consumption laws will be strictly enforced.

Autocrat: Siobhan ni Seaghdha (contact info omitted).

From The Page (September, 1999):

GENERAL SITE INFORMATION: It could be hot and muggy; be prepared. We are right next to the river, watch your children. Officially there is no swimming in the river. I will also try to have a "mister" set up on the paved parking lot. You must have a special permit to leave your car in the paved lot. Parking is outside the main gate. All dogs must be leashed on our part of the site (go run them on the other side of the fence). Loud noises cease at 1 am. Alcohol consumption laws will be strictly enforced.

The site opens at 2pm on Friday. NO ONE who is not a part of the set up team will be allowed on site earlier, including merchants. Please don't ask. The site closes at 5pm on Monday.

Site donation: $6.00 per person over 12. 12 and under are free. You will get 5 raffle tickets when you pay your site donation.

Merchants: Questions should be directed to Sarah Elizabeth, Kingdom Merchant Liaison (email address omitted) Merchants should be aware that Ducal Merchant requirements are different than Kingdom requirements. Merchants may not enter the site until it officially opens.

Directions: (omitted).


FRIDAY: Special Request Bardic: pay to have your favorite bards sing your favorite songs.

SATURDAY: Fighting: Sword and Shield list (belted and unbelted). Ducal team melee. Super Hero Melee, polearm melee (under 7.5 ft). Games: Hunkerhauser (under and over 120 lbs). Water Balloon melee. Soak the Duke (.25 / 3 balloons). Scavenger Hunt. Arts & Sciences: period food for travelers, non-period cheesecakes, couiited stitch, list sliields, weaving. Bardic: Founder's Filk (songs from '65/'66), madrigals, story or poem on millennialism, riddles. Archery: IKAC, Shoot the Slat and others, TBA. We are seeking donations of prizes for the archery competitions. Please call Michael at (phone). Rapier: Bar-room brawl.

SUNDAY: Fighting - Resurrection melee, no shield list, mass weapon melee, Shasta melee. Games - pin the belt (baldric) on the Duke, drag races (women, men, kids divisions), tug-of-war, hula hooping in rmor. Arts & Sciences - boxes, offensive garb, beers, cool (ale & non-ale but not beer) drinks, shoes/boots. Bardic - no bardic tonight but the Casbah will be running!! Archery - same as Sat.

MONDAY: Wrestling, children's boffer (under age 12), shinai list (Age 12 - 1 5 only. , Must have equiv. of light fighter gear and shinai must be covered w i t h pipe insulation. We will try to have loaner helms and shinais but don't count on it).

Casbah: Greetings from the Hill People. The Casbah was a great success last year and we hope you can join us again. The tassel belt for the raffle has been made. Tickets will be $1 each or 6 for $5. We will have tassels diat have a "Dancing with the Hill People" coin for sale; $2. Give your favorite dancer a tassel to show your admiration; or add to the ones you bought last year and make your own "Dancing with the Hill People" belt. Special colors can be ordered Make checks payable to "KHTI" . Mail to (address omitted); care of Scott Scannel. Lemonade will be on sale for 50 cents per cup. Carry-in mugs - will be permitted. Have your picture ID if you want to buy alcohol. No ice chests please. $2 donation requested at the door; musicians and dancers admitted free. Casbah questions: contact Lodiar and Madihah, (contact info omitted).

The following chronicle was originally published in Therie Tales, Vol. V Issue X, Oct. 1999 (AS XXXIV), provided by Anne de Calafia.

Here's some commentary on Ducal Prize this year:

     Weather -- hot and humid, but better than last year. Thanks to the fighters who came out and competed and to the sponsors/Patrons who purchased their services. Thanks also to those who competed in the games. A&S competitions, silliness and the auctions.
     All of the sub-autocrats will undoubtedly have people to thank, but I want to thank a couple of people specifically who came to the rescue of the autocrat team on Monday. Aidan, Andre (mundane) from House RoseThorn, and two people from Malachaias' crew (whom I know, but whose names have eluded me). They spent several hours helping move garbage from next to the dumpster to other dumpsters in the park in order to comply with a request from the City of Marysville.
     I also want to thank those who helped with the Auction process, especially Graf Garick (Alvra) von Koepke, Falan Silverhawk, Louis Phillipe from the Outlands, Meg, Connor, Siobhan, Hilary of Serendip, Kiera and Eliza (our Vannas) and the forgiving people at the Money Table.
     Attendance was in the 500-600 range (plus kids) and the event grossed over $19,000. After expenses (not yet totalled) that's more than $15K to the capital fund.

Frederick (the exhausted) of Holland

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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