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The Thirty-fourth Year

Spring Coronet Tournament -- Principality of Cynagua

May 29-31, 1999 (AS XXXIV)

Colusa County Fairgrounds,
Colusa, CA

From The Page (April, 1999):

Cynagua's Spring Coronet will be held at Colusa County Fairgrounds. Site opens Friday at 2:00 p.m. and closes Monday at 5:00 p.m. We are marking Cynagua's 20- year Anniversary at this event with numerous competitions and prize tourneys. We have planned a weekend full of fun, not to mention the Coronet Tournament on Sunday to select our next Prince!

Autocrat: Magge of Ettrick (contact info omitted).

From The Page (May, 1999):

Cynagua's Spring Coronet will be held at Colusa County Fairgrounds. Site opens Friday at 2:00 p.m. and closes Monday at 5:00 p.m. The list table for the Coronet Tourney will open on Sunday at 8:00 a.m. and close at 11:00 p.m. (tentative). The playground will be offlimits.

We are marking Cynagua's 20-year anniversary at this event with numerous competitions and prize tourneys. Royalty invites the populace to bring dinner to the eric on Sunday, after the last court. There will be an anniversary cake! We are collecting photos of Royals and of other Cynaguan history. We we specially need early photos. You may get all of your photos back. Contact Countess Iseult nic Elam (see below). On Saturday there will be a Prize Tourney sponsored by the Viscountesses of Cynagua. The new Bard of Cynagua will be chosen this weekend. There will be an Arts and Sciences display, participation by many of the guilds, and other competitions. A more complete schedule will be available at Beltane.

Horses are allowed on site! There will be an Equestrian Demo on Saturday. The Equestrian Autocrat invites any who wish to bring horses to join us. We will also have other equestrian activities during the weekend. Stabling will be available for $10 per night per stall. Please make stall reservations with the Equestrian Autocrat. Any questions can be directed to the Equestrian Autocrat: Countess Iseult nic Elam (contact info omitted).

Coronet requests: If you need to break camp before final court on Monday, please camp off the eric.

Site fee: $8 for adults; $4 for children 6 to 12 years; children under 6 years free.

Autocrat: Magge of Ettrick (contact info omitted).

The following chronicle was originally published in Therie Tales, Vol. V Issue V, Jul. 1999 (AS XXXIV), provided by Anne de Calafia:

Observations from Cynagua Spring Coronet (A.S. XXXIV)

     As I left my river stronghold on Bestwodeschire's southern borders, I journeyed to the heart of Cynagua for the 20 year celebration of Spring Coronet. It turned out to be a beautiful Saturday morning and there was a good showing of the populace of our fair principality. In time, I found my trusted friends from Bestwode including Lord Robert and Lady Kadina, who were camping with friends from Crystalmist. After merry greetings and making some new friends from the north, I set camp close by. Upon seeing my tent, I was warmly received by new neighbors from other shires who graciously offered any assistance showing the best in SCA hospitality. One of my new neighbors who was camped next to me was the new Seneschal of Betonywood, named Simon. He most warmly invited me and all of our to any of their upcoming evens of which was most kind. After setting up my camp, I donned my garb and checked the Coronet site out. The rustic old fairgrounds had plenty of shade (and many birds), and turned out to be a very pleasant site for an SCA event. Upon hearing Ricard and Elena of Canterbury were on site, I went to their camp to say, "Hi", and was very much impressed with their new pavillion. Great job! Lady Marina Lodbrok was also camped close and it was good to see old friends again. After meeting friends and checking out Merchant's Row, I set out for the archer range to improve my skills at the bow. By the end of practice, I was quite pleased with my efforts and had fun!
     That evening, the ship[chron. note the Defiance]) of the pirates gave a lively evening of entertainment with much belly dancing, singing, and much reveling in general.
     Sunday, after opening Cafe Rodrigo at our camp with a record of three pots of coffee (must have been a good Saturday night), it was time for the Coronet Tournament. More friends from Bestwode came for the days events including Art MacOrm and his lovely wife, Tamara, and lady Deirdre of Wexford along with new shire friends as well. Much good fighting was displayed that day, especially from our own marshall, Lord Robert the Unready, who had an excellent showing by making it to the eighth round and making our shire proud. HUZZAH! Later that day, Cafe Rodrigo expanded its menu from coffee to steaks for a pleasant dinner with my friends. The evening was rounded out with a pleasant Bardic Circle at Dark Claw with the new Bard of Cynagua telling his Viking jokes and singing his song that won his contest. All in All, I think we had a wonderful time.

In service to the dream,


Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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