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The Thirty-fourth Year

Mists Bardic Competition

September 11, 1999 (AS XXXIV)

Camp Herms,
El Cerrito, CA

From The Page (September, 1999):

Welcome once again to the Bard of the Mists competition and Feast. This year the theme of the feast is "Free Trade Agreement," with dishes from all over Europe and the Moorish lands. Thee menu is as follows.

First course: Mortrews (creamed meat soup); Potage of ris (rice & almond soup); Beuf with sawce (beef with choice of two sauces); Cawdel of Samoun (salmon & leeks in almond milk); Salat.

Second course: Connynges in Cyrip (chicken in syrup); Losyns (cheese lasagne); Yrchouns (sausage hedgehogs); Funges (stewed mushrooms); Tarte of Chese

Third course: Rizz Hulw (sweet rice pudding); Mutbaq (nut paste dumplings); Fata'ir (sweet cakes); Rutab Mu'assal (honeyed dates stuffed with almonds)

The competition will consist of five rounds: a Period piece (documentation not required, but helpful); a Piece in a Period Style (a work in your own words in a period style); Masterwork (what shows your skills best, or what you are most comfortable performing); Bard's Choice: Retelling a Story (tell a story in your own words); Impromptu (compose a work utilizing three words drawn from a hat; you have fifteen minutes).

Last month's copy in The Page said those who did SCA-based stories would get kudos. This does not mean they would get more points than those who didn't. The point of this year's choice is to show how well you would chronicle the events going on around you, even if you weren't there to witness them yourself. Chronicling the deeds of others is part of the job for the Bard, and I wanted to give you a chance to try it before taking on the position.

Site Info: The site is The site fee is $2 and feast tickets are an additional $8. Off-board spaces are available.

Autocrat: Margrethe Astrid Ravn (contact info omitted).

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