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The Thirty-third Year

Summer Coronet -- Oertha

July 18-19, 1998 (AS XXXIII)

(?), AK

From The Page (June, 1998):

Long and long have the ideals of chivaky blossomed in this realm. So let all who thirst for glory and quest for chivalry come. Let them come who would have their deeds and valour sung by the bards. Let them stand on the field of honour under the sun and greet each other with open arms and swords upraised. Come friends, allies, and travelers seeking haven, for once again we will host the Oerthan Summer Coronet Tourney and Investiture. Site fee includes 5 meals: Friday night: hospitality soup, with breads and cheeses. Saturday: continental breakfast; lunch of stew, breads, and cheeses; aiid a sumptuous and savory feast do we plan to lay before thee at the close of the day. The board shall consist of dishes in a four-remove feast. There will be a conversation on chivalry to feed your spirit as you feast upon this fine banquet. Sunday, if you find yourself having had too much bardic-ing on Saturday night, let us ease your pain. We may have your salvation in breakfast on Sunday morning. Arrangements have been made for Mark Geisler to perform during the event. Heraldry used on the field or in your campsite, banners/pennants add color and a backdrop to make the mundane world seem less intrusive; pageant instead of sport. Contests: Arts/Sciences - Siege cooking (details to follow) Laurel - Displayed heraldry (ask a Laurel) Prince/ess' Whim - TBA

Site fee: BEFORE June 21: Adults - $18.00; 12/under - 8.00; 3/under - FREE. AFTER June 21: Adults - $20.00; 12/under - 10.00; 3/under - FREE. Please note: for purposes of feast only, children will be counted as adults.

Autocrat: Lady Elspeth Bouchannane of Loch Lomond (contact info omitted). Feastocrat: Lady Angustias McKeown (contact info omitted).
*Those with food allergies please contact tlie feastocrat immediately.*

Richenza von Schlagen
(Registered as
Richenza von Augsburg)

Gules, a stag's head cabossed
argent, a base vairy argent and
Joseph Lee of Starfyre
(aka Joseph Lee Catchpole)

Azure, a pall Or between three mullets
of six points elongated palewise
argent, a bordure Or.
Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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