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The Thirty-second Year

May 1, 1997 - April 30, 1998
Anno Societatis XXXII
Event Titles/Locations from the Calendar of The Page

May, 1997
May 3-4Beltane CoronationKingdom of the West
May 10Celtic FestivalAllyshia
May 10Newcomer's TourneySilver Desert
May 10-11Collegium OccidentalisKingdom of the West
May 10-11BeltaineEarngyld
May 17InvestiturePrincipality of the Mists
May 17-18Spring OffensiveSelviergard
May 18Pas de Fop IIBetony Woods
May 23-26Coronet TourneyPrincipality of Cynagua
May 24-25Spring CaptaincyWinter's Gate
May 30-31May RevelEskalya
May 31Wolfscairn InvasionVinhold
May 31-June 1Warlord TourneyDesert Garden
June, 1997
June 1Mad Slug TournamentCaer Darth
June 7Warlord TourneySouthern Shores
June 7Celtic Music ConcertBestwodeschire
June 8Laurels Meeting and Field TripKingdom of the West
June 14-15Summer CelebrationEarngyld
June 19-21Summer Solstice CelebrationEskalya
June 21-22June Crown TourneyKingdom of the West
July, 1997
July 4-6An Tir/West WarKingdom of An Tir
July 4-6Romances of ChivalryEskalya
July 5Winter InvestiturePrincipality of Lochac
July 12Archery TourneyDarkwood
July 12-13Summer InvestiturePrincipality of Cynagua
July 19DebardcheryCloondara
July 19-20CoronetPrincipality of Oertha
July 19-20Ransom TourneySilver Desert
July 26Silk Road CaravanEarngyld
July 26-27Arts and Sciences TourneyKingdom of the West
August 2Protectorate TourneyBorderwinds
August 2-3Westermark MadnessWestermark
August 2-3Championship TourneySilver Desert
August 3-17Pennsic War XXVIKingdom of the East
August 8-10Newcomer's RevelEskalya
August 8-17Medieval EncampmentAllyshia
August 9-10Valhallan Day on the GreenVinhold
August 9-10Baronial ChampionshipFett Burg
August 16First SwordEsfenn
August 16Summer HuntInbhir na Da Abhann
August 16-17Baronial ChampionshipRivenoak
August 23-24Purgatorio CoronationKingdom of the West
August 29-September 1Ducal Prize TourneyKHTI
August 30-31Baronial Coronet TourneyFar West
September, 1997
September 5-7Pas d'ArmesAllyshia
September 6Love and Honor TourneyWolfscairn
September 6-7Pallisades WarDesert Garden
September 6-7Arts and SciencesDarkwood
September 13Warlord's TourneySelviergard
September 13Bardic CompetitionPrincipality of the Mists
September 13CollegiumDrakes Mersche
September 19-21Warlord TourneyWuduholt be Secq
September 20-21Coronet TourneyPrincipality of the Mists
September 27-28Mists/Cynagua WarPrincipality of the Mists
September 27-28Eskalyan CollegiumEskalya
October, 1997
October 4-5October Crown TourneyKingdom of the West
October 11West Kingdom Arts ExpositionKingdom of the West
October 11Michaelmas FeastWinter's Gate
October 18Harvest FestSouthern Shores
October 18Harvest FestInbhir na Dá Abhann
October 25Poacher's FeastCaer Darth
October 25All Hallows FeastVinhold
October 26Anniversary TourneyTeufelberg
October 31Masqued BallAllyshia
November, 1997
November 1Turkey TourneyHawk's Haven
November 1Harvest FeastAllyshia
November 1Samhein/All Saint'sEskalya
November 1-2Coronet TourneyPrincipality of Cynagua
November 8Harvest FeastWuduholt be Secq
November 8Harvest FeastSilver Desert
November 15InvestiturePrincipality of the Mists
November 15Harvest FeastTarnmist
November 15Middle Eastern FeastBestwodeshire
November 22Annual BallCrosston
November 23Warlord TourneySt. Katherine
November 29Anniversary BanquetGolden Rivers
November 29YuleEskalya
December, 1997
December 5-7YuleEarngyld
December 6JinglesSouthern Shores
December 6YuleFettburg
December 6Yule FeastAllyshia
December 6YuleWinter's Gate
December 13YuleSelviergard
December 13Boar Hunt and FeastBeaconsgate
December 20Hunt FeastSilver Desert
December 20Yule FeastTeufelberg
December 20Peerage MeetingKingdom of the West
December 20Baroness' Masked BallDarkwood
December 20Yule FeastRivenoak
December 31Pirate Tavern NightAllyshia
January, 1998
January 3Twelfth Night CoronationKingdom of the West
January 3RevelEskalya
January 10Archery TournamentDarkwood
January 10Twelfth Night InvestiturePrincipality of Lochac
January 10Hawk's FeastHawks Haven
January 17-18Chirurgeon's Training WeekendKingdom of the West
January 17-18Winter CoronetPrincipality of Oertha
January 31InvestiturePrincipality of Cynagua
January 31BallCrosston
February, 1998
February 7Brigit's FeastEsfenn
February 8WargyProvince of the Mists
February 10-16Great Western WarKingdom of Caid
February 11-16Estrella WarKingdom of Atenveldt
February 14Valentine's FeastBestwodeshire
February 21Anniversary BanquetWestermark
February 21LupricalliaAllyshia
February 21CollegiumDanegeld Tor
February 21-22Prize TourneyMontagne du Roi
February 28Open the Tourney SeasonProvince of the Mists
March, 1998
March 7Arts and Sciences TourneyAllyshia
March 7Court of Love and BeautyBorderwinds
March 14White Shield Tourney and FeastDarkwood
March 21-22March Crown TourneyKingdom of the West
March 28Pas d'ArmsWindymeads
March 28All Fools RevelSilver Desert
March 29Anniversary RevelMountain's Gate
April, 1998
April 4Spring Picnic and GatheringBetony Woods
April 4-5Spring Coronet TourneyPrincipality of the Mists
April 11Baron's Champion TourneyVinhold
April 11Mists/Cynaguan War -- The BenefitPrincipality of Cynagua
April 18Spring BanquetPrincipality of the Mists
April 18The Uprising, Part DeuxSilver Desert
April 18Fools Festival and Frolic, Part DeuxEskalya
April 18-19Sheep's RaidAllyshia
April 24-26West/Caid WarKingdom of the West
April 25-26CollegiumSt. Boniface/Winter's Gate

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