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Cynagua Winter Investiture

January 31, 1998 (AS XXXII)

Stephen MacAlpine
Stephen MacAlpine, Captain of the Princess' Escort, tells of the misdeeds
of (Jonathan).

"During the Christmas season Thorfinn and I attended the Rivenoak Yule Feast.
Rivenoak is known for having rather rowdy feasts and I gave the Cynaguan Guard
a charge that I was not to be hit with any thrown food. A bit later, towards
the end of the meal, I was coming back from the kitchen area and what do you
think happened? Yes, I got hit with a hunk of bread. Now, here is the
funny part. The fellow who threw the bread was a member of the Cynaguan
Guard and as an added bonus, one of Thorfinn's squires. He claims that he
was aiming for someone behind me, which of course was not believed. So, at
our final court the 'good' members of the Guard assembled to punish
Jonathan." -- Katherine Goodpasture

Photo by Kateline Devereaux Simpson,
Contribution by Katherine Goodpasture

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