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The Thirty-second Year

Baronial Championship/Baroness' Honor Guard Trials -- Fettburg

August 9 & 10, 1997 (AS XXXII)

Lodi Grape Festival Grounds,
Lodi, CA

From The Page (July, 1997):

List Requirements: Either fighter or consort must enter at least one of the Arts or Sciences competitions to enter the championship list.

Arts Competition: S.C.A. legal armor or weapons, Science Competition: Heraldic arts (any medium)

Bard of Fettburg: the Bard of Fettburg competition will be held the night of the 9th.

Baroness' Honor Guard: the Honor Guard trials will be held on the 10th. For more info, contact Victoria of Elmhurst Hollow, Fettburg Baroness.

Autocrat: Conor Whitefang & Aidan McDonald (contact info omitted).

From The Page (August, 1997):

Honor Guard trials. List opens at 9 a.m. on August SHh, fighting starting around 10;30 a.m. In order to enter the championship list, there must be an entry into one of the Arts or Science competitions. Entry can be made by the fighter or the consort. NO EXCEPTIONS. Let's show that there is more to the S.C.A. than fighting. The competitions have no effect on the list.

Bard competition: Fett Burg will be holding a Bard competition to become the new Bard of Fett Burg on the evening of August 9th, please join us. Arts competition: Any S.C.A. legal weapon or armor. Science competition: Heraldry (any median)

Site fee: $5 per person children 12 and under get in free

Autocrat: Conor Whitefang, any questions call (phone) before 10 p.m.

Baroness' Honor Guard Trials: The Baroness of Fett Burg will hold trials, to join her Honor Guard. Come test your skills and Honor. Join the Fett Burg Honor Guard. Any Questions call Baroness Victoria of Ehnhurst Hallow. (phone)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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