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The Thirty-second Year

Romances of Chivalry -- Eskalya

July 4-6, 1997 (AS XXXII)

Centennial Park,
Anchorage, AK

From The Page (June, 1997):

About two years ago, Lord Paul and Lady Thana went adventuring in foreign lands. Alas, the land was at war, and the current rulers demanded that no Lord or Lady could travel about the countryside unescorted unless they were married. They knew their friends and family back home would not be able to share in this solemn occasion, and were sorry for this.

Lord Paul and Lady Thana are pleased to announce the renewal of their nuptials, celebrated in a weekend of tournaments, feasting, dancing, and merriment. Your presence is respectfully requested at Centennial Park in Anchorage, AK to share in this glorious event. The wedding will take place at 5pm on Saturday following court. They ask for all to bring live steel for a sword arch immediately after the ceremony.

There will be two tournaments, one being a prize tournament. It is at the request of the bride that a second tournament be held to find her a patron to determine the valor of her suitor. This tournament shall be in three parts and scored as a roundrobin. The first part shall be trial by shield. Sword and shield, ax and shield, mace and shield will be the choices. The second part shall be a trial by tactical precision. Weapons of length will be the choice and a wall of waist height is to be placed between the combatants. The third part shall be a trial in mobility and will be fought single sword. If a tie occurs, the style of the tournament shall be determined by the bride as she deems fitting at the time. The entry into this tournament shall be two flowers to be made into a bridal bouquet for Lady Thana to be presented before the opening of court.

The site will be open at 6pm, Friday the 4th, and close at 3pm, Sunday the 6th. Main encampment will be period pavilions only. There will be a donation basket to help cover the site rental fee.

Autocrat: Katla of Bergen (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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