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The Thirty-second Year

West Kingdom Arts Exposition

October 11, 1997 (AS XXXII)

Mayfield Dixon Fairgrounds,
Dixon, CA

From The Page (September, 1997):

Be you the newest of the populace or the most skilled artisan, Collegium Occidentalis welcomes you to the West Kingdom Arts Exposition, to he held October 11th at the Mayfield Dixon Fairgrounds in Dixon, California. The hall is Immense, and we want you to help fill it up with the best of the Kingdom. Bring your works of divers arts and sciences and exhibit them to one and all! Bring a project to demonstrate, or that stubborn problem and ask questions! This is your chance to display your abilities and to also learn new skills in the various workshops which will be held this day. Everyone, at every level, is welcome!

Performers are eagerly sought to entertain and amuse throughout the day and night. The entirely entertaining and amusing Sir John Theophilus and Sir Geoffrey Matthias are in charge of this endeavor. Sir Geoffrey's contact information can be found listed under the Pied d'Argent guild information. Sir John may be contacted via email at (email) All Guilds are encouraged to display, demonstrate, and perhaps teach a few of the mysteries of their craft. The Brewer's Guild will be there! The Woodworker's Guild will be there! Come watch, learn, and perhaps taste! Groups and Households, muster your troops for artistic display to the most appreciative audience. Shires, Baronies, Provinces, even Principalities: stake out space and bring your best stuff - impress the whole Kingdom. Laurels, this is a wonderful opportunity to show off the abilities that won you renown or flaunt the abilities of your apprentices. Lochac and Oertha, what a great place to showcase your artisans! We have a tremendous amount of wall space to display "flat art" or other items that can be hung on pegs, and even more floor space for table displays and free-standing pieces. If you plan on exhibiting, please contact the Chancellor. This site charges for each table so I need to know how many people will be displaying thek works. Mailed items are happily accepted. Please contact the Chancellor before you mail your items, to arrange for transport, storage, and return. If your works are of the very large or die easily damaged type, arrangements can be made for special unloading/set up.

Workshops and demonstrations are planned. Our newest laurel in the textile arts, Mistress Joanna Melissa Ronsivalle will show how to warp a loom and then teach weaving. The newest jewelry laurel, Master Timothy Royar offers a class in pin making. The Worshipful Company of Woodworkers will fill the entire day with workshops and demos: turning, carving, joinery, maybe even marquetry. Master Fionn MacPhail will fire up the forge. More workshops and demos are sought; please contact the Chancellor with your ideas!

Of course, we will also have an extensive list of classes. For starters, consider these:

Patterning Armor (Ironhart)

Articulating armor, the big secrets (Ironhart)

Chip Carving - (Lady Morrin Scatloch) bring a chipcarving knife if you have one

Gregorian Chant (Mistress Juliana of Tregony)

Fingerloop braiding (Countess Kira Leonovna Zemnodushina)

Cardweaving - (Halima de la Luz)

Tribal tattoos - (Sayidda Kahena bint Qamarah and Lady Catelme of Silverley) enhance your middle eastern persona. Bring black liquid eyeliner.

Shisha Embroidery (Sayidda Kahena bint Qamarah and Lady Cateline of Silverley) - $1 bring a piece of fabric to attach the mirrors onto.

Basic embroidery stitches (Duchess Letticia de Scotia and Countess Kira Leonovna Zemnodushina) chain, back and split stitch. Bring hoop and scissors; limit 10; no charge.

Intermediate embroidery (Countess Kka Leonovna Zenmodushina and Lady Francesca von Hess) satin, French knot and surface couching stitches. Bring hoop and scissors; limit 10; no charge.

Advanced stitches (Duchess Lettitla de Scotia and Francesca von Hess) braid stitch, bullion and underside couching stitches. Bring hoop and scissors, limit 10, no charge.

Beading (Mistress Tangwystl verch Morgant Glasvryn) learn how to use pearls in the manner of our period to embellish garb. Bring hoop and scissors, limit 8, charge $5 for materials.

Italian Hemstitching (Mistress Aldith Angharad St. George) learn this period technique for both practical and decorative hemming. Bring scissors, limit 10, no cost.

Kingdom Project - students will practice stitches learned in previous classes working the ongoing Kingdom needlework projects. Students of all levels are encouraged to participate! No limit, no cost, no materials,

In the evening, Dame Siobhan Maedhbh O'Roarke invites fifty lucky people to partake in a feast with such dishes as Capon in Orange, Bullace, Carabenys wyth Lekys, Froyse out of Lentyn, Compound Sallet, Peascoddes, Ceci con Ove, Roste Braun, Omelet, Funges on Soppes, and Chardewardon, The sweet desserts will be set out for your enjoyment during the evening's dancing. This fine lady has set the price at a mere $8/person. To gain tickets, send your checks to the chancellor's address at the end of this article.

The site fee is $5. Site opens at 9AM for those who are participating in the exhibition, 10AM for all and sundry. The feast will begin at 6PM, Those interested in attending the feast, but not purchasing a feast ticket, should talk to the Chancellor about space. The site closes at 10PM.

To get to the site: (directions omitted)

For more informatton, contact the Chancellor, Ceridwen MacAoudhegain (contact info omitted).

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