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The Thirty-first Year

West/An Tir War

July 4-7, 1996 (AS XXXI)

Greenhorn Park,
Yreka, CA

From The Page (June, 1996):

War is imminent in the West/An Tir borderlands due to a recent raid. All light and heavy fighters are summoned to rally to their colors and their King in assembling of a mass army to clash upon the battlefields within the lands of the shire of Crystalmist. May honor be thy force and victory be sweet. Spies say that the Allyshian's castle wih be in place for the battles. A modification of David of York's light/heavy combat scenarios wih be used to include hedge row, castle, open field charge, wood, convoy, banner, ransom/raid, and messenger battles. West Kingdom weapon construction rules apply. Additional war points may be gained through siege weapon appearances, castles, towers, horses (on site/noncombatant), and best bardic war song (commemorating the war).

The site will be at Greenhorn park in the city of Yreka. The same site which has been used in past years. We have the entire park (upper/lower, north/south, town and trails). Site fee will be $5.00.

Camping will be in upper park. Royalty and handicapped parking in upper park. Populace parking i n lower park. Equestrian camp area (stake out/tie to trailer/ portable corral) and R.V. areas are designated. Please unload your vehicles and fohow the one way traffic flow signs to the designated parking areas as soon as possible.

Showers are available for $2.50 each at the bath house. Horse power wagons will be moving on the Roman road. Shopping is one mile from the site. No ground fires ahowed, and adequate water or fire extinguishers must be kept on hand. West Kingdom fire rules will be strictly enforced. No fireworks or powder are allowed in the park. Properly restrained and maintained birds, cats, dogs or horses are allowed. There is a creek and reservoir, so children must be properly attended at all times. No swimming. Non-motor boats okay.

Autocrat: Byran de Ciuin Cala (contact info omitted).

Equestrian Autocrat: Christian Blackhorse (contact info omitted).

Merchant Autocrat: Christofer Woodlock (contact info omitted).

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