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The Thirty-first Year

Harvest Captaincy Tournament -- Winter's Gate

September 1, 1996 (AS XXXI)

Copper Lane House,
UAF Campus, Fairbanks, AK

From The Page (August, 1996):

A new leader of the mighty military forces of Winter's Gate must be determined by armed combat! Come to Harvest Captaincy and tourney for the privilege of winning the Heart's circlet for your Lady or Lord!

Time: Sunday 10am through evening To be held at the Copper Lane House, UAF, Fairbanks Alaska

Site Fee: $4.00 ea, $8.00 Family Feast is Potiuck, please bring the dish of your choosing enough for 6 or more adults.

Activities Sunday: 11:00 am ; The Tourney for the Captain and Heart of Winter's Gate (Currently Captain: Viscountess Alicianne de Montfort of Sprucewood; and Heart: Macadoni Dmitrii Alexeavich Kolchen), Ivory Thimble Tea, Pot Luck Dinner, Baronial Courts

Contests include: The attending populace will judge pot luck contributions for a prize. A "Personal Heraldry" contest is sponsored by the autocrat. Decorate integral parts of your garb or armor with your device (tabard, Surcoat, gaundets, belt, etc). 101 things to do with a cloak: Be creative like: "use for a shield against breadcrusts after a particularly bad joke."

Autocrat: Lord Khevronia de Montfort (contact info omitted)

Harvest Captaincy Report September 1, XXXI(1996)
(Published in The Gatekeeper, Newsletter of Winter's Gate, October, 1996)

Harvest Captaincy was a terrific success. 33 were in attendance, and people came from afar to grace us with their presence. Countess Berengaria de Montfort of Carcasonne traveled from Cynagua, Lord Bjarni Edwardsson av Jorvik, Mistress Valija Ansdötter de Montfort and Master Karl von Montfort traveled from Eskalya. The newly re-named "Thorbjorn Thorstagsson" became the new Captain of the militia, at the inspiration of the new heart, "Deborah", who was attending her first Winter's Gate event after moving here from the Kingdom of the East.

The Headless Tourney went very well, other than the demise of several weapons. Of the field of Lunchmeats (Thanks, Countess Berengaria, a/k/a Bologna de Montfort, for the idea) Cappicola Ham(Khevron), Bread (Kareina), Mr. Sausage (Thorbjorn), Kielbasa de Montfort (Karl) and Head Cheese (Grimr). Kielbasa de Montfort won the day and the prize of a Sustaining Membership, donated by Heather, which he bequeathed to the Barony, to add to it's numbers. The "bye" fight entertainment of demonstrations, including "heraldic positions" that seemed to go over well.

The "101 things to do with a cloak" competition went to the Demonstration abilities of Bjarni Edwardsson, who covered himself and his lady, Viscountess Annora, while he "Cleaned her, after the "Paper" food fight. The Prize was, appropriately, a book on Vikings. A second prize of "Etiquette for the Renaissance Gentleman" went to Lord Grimr. Tasha O'Wray and Maggie Jane Byrnes shared the Potluck prizes (a Treasure Box and a Medieval Cooking book) for their delightful flavoured drinks, as judged by the populace. After acknowledging the new Captain and Heart, the Baroness bestowed the Baronesses Recognition upon Mistress Annora and Myself (Khevron) during court.

Varakreivitär Kareina received a Silver Swan for her contribution to the arts in the barony (cooking , sewing, and especially dancing). I would like to express several "thank you's" as Autocrat Malachi for a terrific job as constable for the event; my fellow fighters Karl, Grimr, Kareina, and Thorbjorn, for attending, participating, and showing great skill and honor on the field; Berengaria de Montfort, Deborah and Amber Kenna for heralding at short notice; all the new people to the SCA whom I hope had fun and will return to the next event; everyone who brought their wonderful potluck contributions, and everyone who helped clean up the site and did a fine job doing it too! --Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov (Autocrat)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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