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The Thirty-first Year

Thirty-Year Celebration -- SCA, Inc.

June 7-16, 1996 (AS XXXI)

Clark County Fairgrounds,
Portland, OR

From The Page (June, 1996):

An Tir welcomes the Knowne World to the Society's Thirty Year Celebration at the Clark County Fairgrounds (north of Portland, Oregon). 10 Days of Tournaments, 10 days of Dancing, 10 Days of Archery, 10 Days of Bardic Circles, 10 days of Rapier Combat, 10 days of Merchants, 10 days of War Scenarios, 10 days of Classes and most importantly, 10 days of meeting gentles from every Kingdom i n the Knowne World. Please join us in creating treasured memories. For more information, please email: (address omitted)

Archery: What's currently planned as of April 23: About sixteen major battles that include missile weapons. Four scenarios involving thrown weapons, four with 3/4 inch arrows (helmet screen required), four with 1 1/4 inch arrows ("Markland"), and four with golf tube arrows. Some of these scenarios will be non-contact, others will be full-contact.

Some yet-to-be-determined battles combining rapier combatants and missile combatants.

Conveniently-located 40-yard archery lanes with a dozen butts open every day for practice. Royal Rounds, IKACs, instruction, and children's archery.

Separate long-range archery lanes open every day for York Rounds, period shoots, and IKCACs. Individual 3YC winners in Royal Rounds, York Rounds, IKAC, and IKCAC.

The Truemark Archery Challenge, a prestigious cash prize tourney to benefit Children's Archery in the winner's Kingdom. Combine your scores in Royal Rounds, York Rounds, IKAC, and IKCAC until your fingers blister.

The first ever interkingdom Archery Masterwork Judging, for excellence in the making of bows, arrows and other archery gear.

Siege engine competitions for accuracy of direct and indirect fire, best period engine and crew, and best non-missile siege equipment.

If you would like to sponsor any additional missile-related activities, please contact the Overall Missiles Autocrat to make arrangements. We're eager to have more, particularly for thrown missiles.

Missiles - Overall: Thorvald Grimsson (contact info omitted).

Archery - Target: Julian Edward Famsworth (contact info omitted).

Archery - Combat: Ivar Hakonarson (contact info omitted).

Siege Equipment Competitions: Thorvald Grimsson, the Overall Archery Autocrat, will be sponsoring the following contests for siege equipment. Contests (will take place in midweek):

1) accuracy of direct fire (vertical target), distances between about 30 and 60 yards. Will include a timed round. See the limitations below.

2) accuracy of indirect fire (horizontal target), distances about 100 yards. will include a timed round. See the limitations below.

3) best period appearance of engine plus engineers, as voted by the participants i n the two preceding competitions.

4) best non-missile siege equipment, either period or SCA combat useful. This contest will be judged using arts and sciences rules. The equipment need not be full scale, but this contest is not about tabletop models either. We're talking serious carpentry here.


1) ammunition used for the target contests does not have to be legal for SCA combat, but must not pose an undue risk for someone being accidentally hit. For example, a baseball would be acceptable, but a rock would not. A PVC javelin with a blunt end cap would be acceptable, but a javelin with a sharp point would not.

2) the engine must not be overly powerful (maximum range perhaps 150 yards); and must be built so as not to pose an undue risk to anyone using it. Engines must first be demonstrated to the contest sponsor using ammunition which is legal for SCA combat.

3) the engine may use non-period materials and details provided the result is not too obtrusively modern. Telescopic sights, compound bows mounted on surplus machine-gun tripods, and suchlike will be excluded at the whim of the contest sponsor. If a detail really is period, but doesn't look it, bring very good documentation.

4) "Cannon" are acceptable, but the use of gunpowder or explosive mixtures is not. Other propellant methods will be allowed by the contest sponsor on a case-by-case safety-related basis.

MINORS: If you wish to come on site without one of your 20th Century parents or a court appointed guardian, you must have a completed An Tir Minor Waiver notarized by a Notary Public, as well as a properly filled out Medical Consent Form. These forms are available from the Registrar (contact information) until June 1, 1996 or in Issue #6 of The Progress. Required Paperwork for Minors To Attend The Thirty Year Celebration "Everyone under the age of 18 attending without their Parents or Legal Guardians will be required to have the following forms properly filled out and NOTARIZED (Witnessed by a Notary Public) in order to get through the gate at Thirty Year Celebration. Please inform any minors you know who wish to attend that they must have this paperwork. Minor Waiver: This form must be signed by both the parent (or court-appointed legal guardian) and by the child, if the child has attained the age of 13 and or is capable of understanding the nature of the waiver. The Society Ad Hoc Committee on Waivers and Liability has drafted a form which has been reviewed by the Board of Directors. The form will be printed in the April issue of "The Progress". The form must be turned in at the gate at 3YC. Medical Authorization Form: This form needs to be signed by the parent (or the court-appointed legal guardian). It designates one or two adults, who will be on site at 3YC, as someone who can consent to major medical treatment for the child, in the event that the parent cannot be contacted. This form must be on the person of the child at all times. It is strongly recommended that you prepare duplicate originals of this form in case one gets lost. This form will be printed in the April issue of "The Progress". Should you need any more information on any of these matters, please do not hesitate to contact me. Eric de Dragonslake (contact info omitted).

Modern Laws: The Thirty Year Celebration will be held in the State of Washington and will be subject to its laws. In general the age of sexual consent and tobacco consumption is 18; Alcohol 21. Marijuana and other controlled substances are illegal. Site policy prohibits firearms. Further information will be in The Progress or the handout at the gate. The Pet Policy has changed. Pets and Aid Animals for the Disabled - We have been able to get the site to remove their total ban on pets. There are strict policies that apply to bringing any animal on site for 3YC. If the medical criteria are not met your animal will not be allowed on site. For more information on these requirements, please contact the Pet Coordinator: Lady Orfhlaith Broinnfind inger Bhriain (contact info omitted). Horses - Anyone wishing to bring horses MUST contact the Equestrian Autocrat for the requirements. Earl Edward Ian Anderson (contact info omitted).

Admission fee: We will NOT accept any personal checks at the Gate. We will accept payment by cash, money order or travellers checks ONLY in US funds at the Gate. Adults - At the Gate: $35.00 US. Last Weekend of 3YC - $17.50 US. Children and Young People - The site fee does not change. 11-17 years - $ 10 US, 5-10 years - $5 US. Everyone under 5 years of age is FREE. All prices are decided by age on June 7, 1996. Only the three oldest children per 20th Century family have to be paid for. Day Trippers: Daytrippers will pay the current total site fee when they arrive onsite. They will then receive a refund upon departure on the same day. All but $9.00 of this fee will be refunded for adults; $5.00 for children 11-17; and $3.00 for children 5-10. Last Weekend: There is a separate "final weekend rate" of $17.50, for those who arrive at the event on June 14th or later. You do not need to be an SCA member to attend. The non-member surcharge has been rescinded. All attendees, regardless of the length of their stay, will be required to be in pre-17th century attire.

Important Check In Procedure: Check in will be a lot easier if you have your 3YC Registration Number (on the post card you received in the mail when you registered) and your mundane identification. You will need to sign any appropriate waivers or forms. When this has been done, you will receive a packet of information, and your assigned camping space. If you don't know your 3YC Registration Number, there will be lists posted near the Registration Area.

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