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The Thirty-first Year

Peacock Tavern Tourney -- Caldarium

April 12, 1997 (AS XXXI)

Miwok Park,
Novato, CA

From The Page (March, 1997):

Come one, come all to Caldarium's Peacock Tavern Tourney! It is time to leave the battlefield behind and venture into The Tavern! Fighters don't despair! The brawling will continue inside the comfort of the Tavern. All other gentles need not fear, for a variety of other activities are planned for the day!

In keeping with the Tavern theme, we will be featuring a number of non-fighting events such as the Tavern Wench (and Waiter) Obstacle Course, the Best Customer Come-on and Best Retort (I wouldn't go with you if...). Best Tavern Song, Wench Press and much more!

Several hard-suit Tavern Scenarios will be conducted, including "Rescue the Wench." Gentlemen, raid your lady's closet for female clothing which can be worn over your armor. Winner of the "Best Looking Tavern Wench" competition will play a pivotal role in at least two fighting scenarios. Remember, clothing must be worn over your armor.

Prizes will be awarded for everything from the "Last Man (or Woman) Alive" to the Best Tavern Weapon (i.e. mug, plate or any other item that might be found in a tavern). Please note, all weapons must meet Kingdom standards and must be inspected by a Marshal at the site on the day of the tourney. (Real hams are not permitted).

But wait! This event is not just for adults! There will be numerous activities to amuse the children, including a *castle and beanbag* contest. We will also be holding the Caldarium Lamb (or sheep) Pageant! We know that most of you have at least one stuffed lamb or sheep in the closet, so dress them up and bring them out to play!

As with most good taverns, there will be food available. We will be serving a pub lunch consisting of bread, sausage, boiled eggs, cheese, etc, for the modest sum of $3.00!

Directions: (omitted)

Fees: Site Fee: $5.00, Feast Fee: $3.00 (Reservations are due by April 1, 1997)

Autocrat: Richard Foulweather (contact info omitted), Cook: Bianca del Drago (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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