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The Thirty-first Year

Love and Beauty/Protectorate Tourney -- Borderwinds

August 3, 1996 (AS XXXI)

Santa Maria, CA

From The Page (August, 1996):

Many years ago, it was decided by the Canton to have a Protector, somebody to protect us (here on the border, as we are) i n tandem with our great Baron.

It was also decided that the fighter's consort should also be honored, Hence, a tradition began: a Court of Love to honor the Protectorate's consort came to be. The Consort of Love and Beauty is primary to the position of the Protector.

We invite fighters everywhere to join us, to make their consort our Lady or Lord of Love and Beauty—to have the adulation of our entire Canton and to help our Baron guard our lands.

For those who don't want the responsibilities—you can fight, too! All we ask is for all fighters for the Protectorate have their Consort present and be willing to participate in Borderwinds/Tarnmist events if possible (this includes the Consort's Court of Love on March 15th).

Site Fee: $1.00

Competitions: Most Chivalrous Act/Gesture; Most Intriguing Challenge; Most Outrageous/Amusing Death. There may be more on site, not just for fighters!

Autocrat: Jenna Whiteheart (contact info omitted)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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