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The Thirtieth Year

Westermark Feast -- Westermark

October 14, 1995 (AS XXX)

Shoreline Recreational Center,
San Mateo, CA

From The Page (September, 1995):

The Westermarkers are preparing a Feast—and we have a theme! It's a Peasant Revolt! We'll have renowned Feast-O-Crat, Sir Andrew Shay Forestborn. We'll have a Peasants Boffer Melee. We'll have loads of fun. Heck, we may even have a food fight, but keep that one quiet until we nail down a site.... The Westermark Peasant Revolt (and Feast) is scheduled for the evening of Saturday, October 14, so Mark your calendar.

Bring your own home made peasant boffers for the melee. (Most original design gets a free ride on the guillotine.)

Check the October Page for Site specifics. The autocrat, Savaric de Miraval, can be reached at (phone).

From The Page (October, 1995):

Come one, come all to the Westermark Feast and Peasant Revolt! Yes, the peasants are revolting (Pull!), and they've broken into the baronial feast hall and are planning on consuming all the fine Westermark stores in a single decadent evening. Feast-O-Crat extraordinaire, Sir Andrew Shay Forestborn, will be tending the cook fires, and we all know that means a fantastic spread! (ixnay on the oodfightfay!) We'll have a peasant revolt boffer melee, so bring your own boffers in the form of peasant tools. And rumor has it the famed Westermark Players will be debuting Master Nordflamen's The Apprentice Finds a (some) Sex, or, Heathen Love Nest Exposed. Tickets can be found on any good Westermarker for $10 a seat, and will be sold at the door for the same price. But we encourage you to buy in advance due to the limited seat count. Feasters are welcome to show up any time after 4 pm for the feast, but since the Mists Newcomers Collegium will be at the same site during the day, this is an excellent opportunity to go to Collegium and Feast in the evening!

Autocrat: Savaric de Miraval (contact info omitted).

Site: Shoreline Recreation Center, (address omitted), San Mateo.

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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