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The Thirtieth Year

Wargy -- Vair Couvert

February 10, 1996 (AS XXX)

Ed Levin County Park,
Milpitas, CA

From the Page (February, 1996):

Once again, we issue a challenge to all groups to show the mettle of their fighters, artists and artisans, dancers, and support people! We will create a map of the Bay and environs, and thereupon hold an all-day resurrection battle for fun and treasure. There will be provisions for using boats on the bay, and the West Kingdom war conventions will be in effect, with the exception that Melee Combatants may throw rope francescas (but no other types of missiles) and Missile Combatants may use golf-tube archery (sorry, no wood-shafted arrows allowed on the site) and thrown weapons other than rope francescas.

Each group who wishes to hold territory of their own must RSVP to the autocrat, bring contributions to the treasure chests of SCA-related prizes (like candle holders, trim, books, duct tape, leather, etc.) and must support the war by supplying the equivalent of one all-day (authorized) marshal, two hours of gate constable work, and three hours of waterbearer work. There will be no exceptions, RSVP by February 2 is required.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: all combatants are responsible for reading and understanding the scenario rules for the day (available in advance via e-mail from (email address omitted) or call the autocrat). Details on the arts, sciences and other non-combat competitions will be available on-site, or call the autocrat. Thank you, and we look forward to another fun Wargy!!!

Autocrat: Benjamin the Traveller (contact info omitted).

Site Fee: The park charges a $3 per car fee, and the shire is requesting a $2 per person donation (which includes the Soup Kitchen). This donation is optional. Notice: CHECKS are not accepted by the park or by Vair Couvert; please bring CASH to pay your park fee and donation.

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