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The Thirtieth Year

Southern Shores/Esfenn War & Charity Demo -- Southern Shores/Esfenn

November 5, 1995 (A.S. XXX)

Robertson Park,
Livermore, CA

From The Page (November, 1995):

Come one and all to the Southern Shores/Esfenn War. It will be held at Robertson Park in Livermore, on Sunday the 5th of November. This War is also a public demo for the American Heart Association. ALL proceeds of the day will be donated to the AHA in the Memory of Cindy Arbuckle. You may have known Cindy as Lassar fhina ingen Gharbain.

There will be dancing for WAR points. There will be chess, nine men's morris, and hanker hauser for WAR points. There will be an Arts Competition for WAR points. This competition will be a helm crest that can withstand the battlefield. Each submission must be either a seagull or salmon. There will be a Sciences Competition for WAR points. This competition will be shoulder armor (spalders or pauldrons). There will be a Cooking Competition for WAR points. This competition will be "Period food that a Warrior can carry into battle". There will be a Brewing Competition for WAR pints. This competition will be nonalcoholic beverages. Anyone entering these competitions must declare their entry for either Southern Shores or Esfenn. There will be both tourney and WAR fighting. There will be the opportunity for you to show off your skills and talents for the public. Annuin will be there to add their musical talents to the day.

This is how the WAR will run. SCA starts arriving at 9 am. Public at 10 am. In the morning hours from 10 am to noon there will be a dance pavilion set up. The public will be able to learn a couple of basic period dances and have the option to donate to the AHA for the "lessons". There will be a gaming pavilion. The public will be able to learn and/or play games against "masters" and have the option to donate to the AHA, There will be a tourney, melee, small unit fighting. The public has the option of donating to "meet a fighter/unit" and pick the next fight. In the afternoon, there will be WAR, WAR, WAR! There will be WAR dancing (dance to be announced on site). There will be WAR gaming. There will be WAR Arts and Sciencing. There will also be WAR fighting!!!!!

I (the autocrat) will be hiring warriors and units to come to the aid of Southern Shores, and His Grace Duke Flieg will be hiring for Esfenn.

Site Fee: NONE! Though the option to donate to the AHA is there.

Autocrat: Gunar Merielson (contact info omitted).

Directions: (omitted)

AUTOCRAT'S MESSAGE: I need help. If you have a pavilion that you wouldn't mind setting up for the day, please let me know. If you would like to teach dance and/or games to the public let me know. I will need heralds, marshals, water bearers, chirurgeons, etc., etc. Please contact me.

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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