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The Thirtieth Year

Pas D'Armes and Feast, Sponsored by the Company of St. George -- Mists
May 20, 1995 (AS XXX)

Tilden Regional Park
Berkeley, CA

From The Page (May, 1995):

As we desire to test our prowess and demonstrate our chivalry upon the field of combat, the Company of Saint George hereby offers a Challenge to any and all Nobles who will meet us in a Passage-at-Arms. "We beg all those noble knights and squires who are willing to proffer challenge, not to imagine for a moment that we are doing this out of pride, hatred, or malice, but in order to have the honour of your company and to get to know you better, a thing which we desire with our whole hearts." (J. Froissart, the invitation to the Tournament at Saint-Inglevert, May 1390.)

The Company will be arrayed to receive challenges beginning at 10:00 in the morning of Saturday, May 20, 1995. Each challenger, and likewise the defenders of the Company, shall bear with them into the lists a banner, or pennon, such as they may be entitled to carry, as well as the armour and knightly weapons required, being as follows: Shield, Sword, Axe, Mace, Poll-Axe, and Grete-sword. Challenges shall be received until 4:00 in the afternoon, at which time we shall retire to the feast-hall, where the honor and glory of the day will be relived, virtues extolled, and questions of Chivalry debated.

Site fee: $5 for the day, $10 for the feast; if you plan to attend the feast, you must reserve space in advance. We heartily recommend the feast - it is an integral part of the Pas D'Armes experience!

Autocrat: Sten Halvorssen (contact info omitted)
Co-Autocrat: Brion Thornbird ap Rhys (contact info omitted)

 Photos from the Reign of Clavell and Erzebeta as Prince and Princess of the Mists (Spring 1995 to November 1995, A.S. XXX)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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