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The Thirtieth Year

Prize Tourney -- Montagne du Roi

February 3, 1996 (AS XXX)

Laguna Park,
Seaside, CA

From The Page (January, 1996):

Join us, good gentles, for Montaigne du Roi's Annual Prize Tourney! (We'd tell you which one it is, but one too many hits to the helmet and we lost count...)

The site will be Laguna Grande Park, in Seaside. This is a highly visible site, so bring your banners, pennants, and any other bright, colorful loot you may have acquired and want to show off. Lists will be Double Elimination, with fabulous prizes to be won. (More loot!) Categories include Best Death, Ladies' Choice, Most Chivalrous, and Cleanest Armor. The MdR Tavern will be serving delicacies from the far Carib Isles in a midday groaning board, included in the site fee.

Arts competition will be Field Favors and Court Favors. Sciences competition, in honor of Lord Dietrich von dem Weinbargen, is best comestible made with wine. This can be anything from salad dressing to candies, but please remember that this is a dry site- no wine that isn't already an ingredient.

9 am - Site opens (coffee available at the Tavern); 10 am - Lists open. Armor Inspection; 11 am - Tourney begins. Public park- no open containers, peace-tie all live steel.

Site fee: $5.00, smalls $2.00; List fee: $1.00.

Autocrat: For more information, contact Lady Inez MacDonnel (contact info omitted); Co-Autocrat/A&S: Lady d'Aquilon (Re' Marshall), (contact info omitted); Fightocrat: Lord Garret Todhunter (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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