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The Thirtieth Year

First Sword Tourney -- Esfenn

June 3, 1995 (AS XXX)

Hayward, CA

From The Page (May, 1995):

As spring becomes summer, it is once again time for Esfenn's First Sword Tourney. This is a Tourney where good things usually happen to the Victors. This is the Tourney that is home to the infamous Mouse Melee. This is also the Tourney for bards to come out in the evening and have a chance to perform for the honor of becoming Esfenn's Troubadour.

This year, the Tourney will be fought as a series of seven to ten melees (depending on the number of fighters). A fighter will get a point for every opponent he or she vanquishes. The two fighters with the most points at the end of the last melee will be declared the finalists. The fighters will then be divided into two groups, each lead by one of the finalists. Whichever leader has the most survivors at the end of three melees'is the new First Sword of Esfenn. Please, fighters, we ask that you have a consort on site.

For those who wish to just come out and fight there will be several prize melees. A few of them are: a crested helm melee; all helms must have a crest of some sort on them, to vanquish your opponent, remove the crest from his helm. Also a Mist Throne Melee; all entrants pay $2 to fight, all money from this melee goes to the regalia fund. There will be games of all sorts for noncombatants to participate in. Badminton, Bocce Ball and Croquet are just a few of them. An Arts and Sciences competition will be held: Favors, both Court and Field. There will also be a table decorating contest in the Shire colors of Red and Gold.

Competitors for Troubadour of Esfenn will perform one musical piece (which can be sung or played) and one non-musical piece (which can be read, performed from memory, or done in traditional pantomime). The pieces can be original or by another author and should be attempted in pre-17th Century style. The competition will take place during the feast.

The site opens at 9:00AM and the feast hall at 2:00. As is the tradition, in the evening the Shire will host a potluck. The breakdown is as follows: A-H sides/ salads, I-Q desserts, R-Z main dishes to include vegetarian style.

Directions: (omitted) Please note that no pets are allowed on this site.

Autocrat: Alys Graye (contact info omitted)

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