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The Thirtieth Year

Love and Beauty / Protectorate Tourney -- Borderwinds
August 5, 1995 (AS XXX)

Waller Park
Santa Maria, CA

From The Page (July, 1995):

Do you love combat? Do you seek to bring your consort (or a friend) honor and glory? Then come to Borderwinds for our annual Love and Beauty/Protectorate Tourney, at beautiful Waller Park in Santa Maria! Site fee is just $1.00, and the fun is free!

As always, the object of this tourney is to honor your consort through combat to gain them the title of "Lord/Lady of Love and Beauty" and the adoration of the Canton of Borderwinds for an entire year! There will also be our annual Court of Love, held in their honor, later in the year.

Just as the winner of the tourney brings honor to the one for whom they fight, so they also bring honor and glory to themselves, and thus are granted the title (and responsibilities) of Lord/Lady Protector for the Canton of Borderwinds.

For those who wish to fight, but have no consort, have no fear! You can fight to qualify for the secondary tourney contest, no problem!

Rules for the tourney are the Crown List Rules, any minor exceptions (if any) will be at the whim of Lady Andra, the current Lady of Love and Beauty.

The prize for the Protectorate Tourney will be an awesome spear, handcrafted by Kathryn Blackhart.

Competitions: Most memorable death (c'mon, play with it!); most inspiring original ode/poem/song to consort; most intriguing or imaginative challenge; most flavorful nonalcoholic beverage; and a "Please Their Excellencies" chocolate cookie, (Please note: Baron Achmere does not like nuts.) Also: All of these competitions are open to everyone!

There will be a potluck following the tourney onsite. Bring a dish to feed at least 6 people, plus whatever you want to BBQfor yourself. Breakups are as follows: A-G: side dish; H-M: bread/salad; N-R: dessert/drinks; S-Z: main dish. The Canton will provide tea and charcoal for the BBQ.

Crash space is available but limited. Please call Rioghan Longspee (seneschal), at (phone).

Autocrat: Cormac Whitehart (contact info omitted)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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