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The Twenty-ninth Year

West/An Tir War -- Kingdom of the West

July 2-4, 1994 (AS XXIX)

Greenhorn Park,
Yreka, CA

From The Page (June, 1994):

All fighters of the West, defend the kingdom's northern border from the army of An Tir. Bring your arms and armor to repel these brigands from the north. Rumor has it that the Allyshian Castle will be there and Robert of Vinhold is issuing a challenge to all siege engineers to bring their siege weapons for a siege weapons contest.

There will be both an Arts and Sciences competition: Arts will be Heraldic Display, Sciences will be Brewing.

Showers are available for $1.50 each and a shuttle will be running. Shopping is one mile from the site. No ground fires allowed and adequate water or fire extinguishers must be kept on hand. West Kingdom fire rules will be strictly enforced. Also, no fireworks are allowed in this park. No dogs or horses are allowed, but birds and cats are OK if properly restrained and maintained. There is a creek and pond so children must be properly attended at all times.

Camping will be tight and please unload your vehicles and remove them to designated parking areas as quickly as possible,

The site will be Greenhorn Park in the city of Yreka, the same site we used two years ago. Site fee will be $6. Merchants please contact the Merchant Liaison - Marcus the Just (address in the back of the Page) for reservation of space and merchant fees.

Autocrat: Karl the Meek and Mild (name/phone).

Directions: (omitted)

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