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The Twenty-ninth Year

Championship Tourney & Valentine's Revel -- Golden Rivers

February 11, 1995 (AS XXIX)

Robertson Community Center,
Sacramento, CA

From The Page (January, 1995):

A new tourney season begins! Gather all ye fighters and your consorts to compete for the honor of being the Lord and Lady of Golden Rivers, an opportunity now open to all West Kingdom fighters. Directly following the tourney will be a Valentine's Revel and pot luck. Please bring contributions according to the beginning of your mundane last name. (A-I dessert, J-O main dish, P-Z salad, bread or side dish). There will be a kitchen available to warm food. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed. The annual competition for the title of Bard of Golden Rivers will also be open to all. This year's. competition will include two pieces, a period piece on the theme of love and honor and a personal work, composed on site, of which the theme is to be announced.

Competitions - Arts "best first attempt" (at any art); Sciences - sublety desserts, please keep the Valentine's theme in mind. Documentation is a plus, but not necessary (we want everyone to feel they can compete). Naturally there will be additional on site activities and contests.

Site Fee: $5.00 tourney and potluck. Site opens at 10 am, the Hall for the Revel opens at 4pm.

Autocrats: Caitlin of Golden Rivers and Ursus of Rydborg (name/contact info).

Directions: (omitted)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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