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The Twenty-ninth Year

Ducal Prize Tournament

September 3-5, 1994 (AS XXIX)

Army Corps of Engineers Campground,
Live Oak, CA

From The Page (July, 1994):

This year's Ducal Prize Tourney will be sponsored by KHTI, in conjunction with the West Kingdom. All S.C.A. fighting conventions will be in force. There will be a KHTI waiver to sign at the gate. The event will run from Friday, September 2 to Monday, September 5.

The site (which is where we had last Fall's Mists-Cynagua War) features river swimming, and we are (as usual) praying for moderate weather. The site donation is $5, which will get you some raffle tickets. Full directions and competitions lists will be in next month's Page and in handouts available at upcoming events, but here's some information to get you going on your entries.

Competitions you may want to prepare for in advance include:
WoodworkingUnleavened Cakes
     2 divisions: constructionDecorated T-Tunics
     and decorationWines
WeavingGood Ole' Rock & Roll Filk
Preserved Foods     Grunge -- NOT!
Theme Bardic on Princesses
Fairy TalesCover Art for The Page
"Drag" Races (Your outfit will be judged by the Fashion Police to determine whether it is "interesting enough" - you will receive points for speed and style.)

In addition, we will have all the things you always love about Ducal - the weird filk, the resurrection melees, the auctions from hell, the garage sale. This year we will also have the "Cat and Mouse" melee (ask someone who was at Esfenn First Sword). As always, we need dona- tions for prizes, for auction items, and for the garage sale. If you have anything to offer, call Marjorie of Bethany at (phone) or (phone) or Eills O'Boirne at (phone) work or (phone).

From The Page (August, 1994):

The site (which is where we had last Fall's Mists-Cynagua War) features river swimming, shaded grass for camping and improved !he site do- nation is $5, which will get you some raffle tickets. All S.C.A. fighting conven- tions will be in force. There will be a KHTI waiver to sign at the gate. Below is a list of the competitions (detailed information is available in the KHTI hand- outs at upcoming events.) Those that require advance preparations are under- lined.

Friday: Special Request Bardlc,

Saturday: (Fighting) Morning: Ducal team melee, sword and shield team melee; Afternoon: sword and shield list (belted and unbelted); (Games) hunkerhauser (light division), auctioneering, "Drag" races, sumo wrestling; (Arts and Sciences) unleavened cakes, woodworking (construction and decoration divisions), (expert) couples dancing, decorated T-Tunics; (Auctions) books, general auction; (Evening) rock & roll filk, generic peering, outburst trivia.

Sunday: (Fighting) resurrection melee, cat & mouse melee, mass weapon list; (Games) hunkerhauser (heavy division), scavenger hunt, pavilion races, foot races, bear pit wrestling; (Arts and Sciences) preserved foods, brewing (wine), weaving, embellished table linens, (simple) dancing; (Auctions) BIG AUCTION!! and raffle; (Evening) bonnie knees, Princess theme bardic, story-telling of a fairy tale.

Monday: (fighting) cat's cradle melee, Florentine melee; (Games) jacks, animal races; (Arts and Sciences) Page cover art.

Ongoing: (Games) IKAC round, shoot the "terrible tunic", garage sale. This is the plan for activities so far, but we need your help to make this a successful event. During the event, volunteers are needed. Prior to the event donations of goods and services are needed for prizes, the auctions and the garage sale. Please contact the autocrats for pickup.

Directions: (omitted)

Autocrats: Marjorie, Princess of the Mists: (contact info); Eilis O'Bolrne: (contact info)

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