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The Twenty-ninth Year

Black Swan Tourney -- Canale

November 12, 1994 (AS XXIX)
Phoenix Hall,
Winton, CA

From The Page (September, 1994):

On November 12, the Shire of Canale will sponsor the Black Swan Tournament. This Tournament will be held in honor of the victor and consort of the Cynagua November Coronet. The theme of this Tournament is a fifteenth century German Helmschau. There will be several unique aspects of this Tournament that will be explained below.

To start the Tournament, there will be a helmschau. All combatants will be required to place their helms and shields along the edge of the Tournament List. All ladies present will progress along the helms, and if any combatant has offended a lady within the current Cynaguan reign, she will be able to knock the helmet down. The combatant can apologize to the lady, but she can refuse the apology. The combatant can then appeal to any Royalty present for mercy. If the Royalty, however, feels that the combatant has grossly offended the lady, the combatant will not be allowed to fight in the Tournament. We feel that this will put the ideals of the Society into practice in a very practical way.

After the helmschau, all combatants will have to prove their knightly descent before the Royalty present. All squires and Knights present will need to declare their knightly descent for as far back as possible. If a combatant is not a squire or a knight, they must appeal to the Royalty for admittance. If the Royalty feels that the combatant is worthy, the combatant will be removed from the field in honor. After this, the combatant is to be considered of the knightly class and will be admitted to the Tournament. However, if the Royalty does not think that the combatant is worthy of the knightly class, the combatant will be driven from the field but not allowed back into the Tournament. The purpose of this part of the Tournament is two fold. The first is to place your fate in the hands of your Sovereigns, trusting that they will not abuse their power. The second purpose is to encourage all squires and Knights to learn the history of their predecessors and honor them for their accomplishments.

Although these two challenges may seem harsh, we feel that no one that is attempting to live up to the ideals of the Society need fear they will be denied admittance to this Tournament. In addition, both of these challenges are historically common in the German tournaments and will be able to add a great deal of pageantry and color to the Black Swan Tournament. The Tournament itself will consist of a series of challenges between the combatants with sword and shield, great sword or halberd. The victor of the tournament will be selected by secret ballot of all the combatants. Therefore, there is minimal pressure to win, but a great deal of pressure to fight chivalrously and graciously.

Following the Tournament, there will be a feast at Phoenix Hall. Because of size restrictions, the feast will have to be limited to 40 people. Paid reservations will be needed by October 15 to guarantee spots. The cost of the Tournament alone will be $5 or $15 for Tournament and Feast. The shire of Canale hopes that many people will participate in this experimental tournament and find it an interesting break from the more conventional tournament. For more information contact Olof Guddmunddsson (Kevin Brink) at (phone).

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From The Page (October, 1994):

To honor the new Lord and Lady of the Swan, the Shire of Canale is sponsoring the Black Swan Tournament at Phoenix Hall. This year the tournament is a German Helmschau. There will be a helmschau and a declaration of nobility before the start of the tournament. See the advertisement in the Page or contact the autocrat for more details. Because of these extra activities, and the time of the year, the tournament must begin by noon. In case of inclement weather, fighting will take place inside of Phoenix Hall.

Following the tournament there will be a feast. Because of setting restrictions at Phoenix Hall, attendance will have to be limited to 40 people. Paid reservations are required by October 16. Again, contact the autocrat for reservations and questions.

Directions: (omitted)

Autocrat: Olof Guddmundsson (name/phone).

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