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The Twenty-ninth Year

Arts and Sciences Tournament

July 30-31, 1994 (AS XXIX)

Concow, CA

From The Page (May, 1994):

Its getting close to Arts and Sciences Tourney time. Make your plans now. Teachers are needed, contact Jania of Call Duck Manor if you wish to teach (phone).

The lovely Concow site will be open for an extended camp to finish a project or practice a new skill.

Autocrat: Marjorie of Bethany (name/phone).

From The Page (June, 1994):

It's arts and sciences tourney time again. If you are a regular, you already know this is absolutely one of the best events of the year. No courts, no lists, no meetings; just one whole weekend of camping, lots of time to learn something new and interesting, or just relaxing in the shade of tall pine trees.

We are back at that wonderful site in the mountains above Oroville, elevation about 2000 feet, with a small lake for fishing. The weather was wonderful last year.

The Page School will again be busy with their own classes as well as the even popular lemonade stand and boffer tourney.

The site will be open during the following week for an extended camp where you can complete a new project or just relax. For more information, contact the autocrat.

Autocrat: Princess Marjorie (name/phone).

From The Page (July, 1994):

It's arts and sdenees tourney time again. Absolutely one of the best events of the year and you don't want to miss It. It's going to be a great weekend for the whole family. Camping out In the tall pines, belly dancing. boners, bardlc stuff, dancing, fighting. feasting. singing. sewing. pottery making. and lust hanging out with friends. Set your own schedule and keep your own pace. The only hard thing you'll have to decide Is what not to do.

If you're planning your first trip to A&S you'll find lots of hands on classes designed so you can actually start, work on, and finish your own project, Many of the classes charge small fees to help defray the cost of materials so check the class listing for what to bring and cost

The Page School will be joining us again for their traditional round of classes and boffer tourney.

We are back in the mountains above Oroville. A private campground, elevation about 2,000 feet, a small lake for fishing (permits required, sorry no swimming). This is rustic camping. The on site water is potable but there are no showers. The weather is expected to be warm but not unbearable and the whole site is shaded by tall pine trees.

The site opens at noon on Friday. The site fees are $6 for adults, $2 for children under 14, and under 5 are free.

Again this year, there will be the opportunity to stay and relax for a few more days. Beginning the evening of Sunday, July 31, campsites will cost $5 per car/day plus a 50 cent per person, per day privy tax, with the encampment closing Sunday, August 7. Summer fire rules and kingdom fire laws will be strictly enforced so bring your extra buckets and fire extinguishers. Separating and recycling your trash is required so please bring extra trash bags.

The autocrat is looking for a trumpeter for the Lemonade Stand.

Autocrat: Princess Marjorie (name/phone).

Directions: (omitted).

The following is a general plan for classes, with more in the works. Please note those classes that require a fee for materials, or other requirements. For classes with a limit, sign up at autocrat's point. At this location, you will find detailed schedules and Information about classes, demos and other activities planned for the weekend as well as the extended camp.

(class list omitted)

There will be children's classes all day Sunday. Many will have a slight fee for materiais. Time will coincide with adult classes. The auction to benefit the Page School will be at 7 p.m. on Saturday, on the Page School eric. Donations for the Page School auction will be gratefully accepted. The lemonade stand will be located on the Page School eric.

The boffer tourney on Sunday will be double elimination. There will still be two divisions by weight. All equipment must be pre-approved on Saturday. The list weapons are sword/axe/mace and shield only.

Boffer swords must meet these standards: Blade should be the length of the ann from wrist to arm pit or 18 Inches, which-ever is less. No more than 4 Inches of PVC pipe may extend into the blade. Blades should not "whip" but should not be solid. Use duct tape sparingly (one layer). PVC pipe must be capped, and hose ends must be taped.

Helms for boffer fighter must meet these standards: No solid metal - metal face screen only Is OK. Must cover entire head. Must have rigid eye protection. No more than 1/2 inch close cell foam, 1 inch open cell. Provide good ventilation. All shields must be edged with hose or foam.

Clothing: ail skin surfaces must be covered though not necessarily padded. No more than 1/2 Inch padding or 12 oz. leather. Cups for all boys, chest protection where appropriate for girls. Gloves must be worn.

Consorts are required for all fighters, and surcoats and banners are encouraged. lists open at 8:30 a.m. and close at 9:15 a.m.

Many kids have complained that not all kids take blows the same way. Kids wear very different "armor" and equipment, when the marshals can see that a blow would have injured a body part if unarmored (that's how we count blows) they will tell the fighter. If a fighter must be spoken to three times in one fight, the fight will be called and the fight will be a draw.

If you have any questions about the boffer tourney or any Page School activities, call the head of the Page School, listed in the back of the Page.

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