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The Twenty-eighth Year

Phoenix Theatre
March 12, 1994
The Golden Stag Players
Presented: The Knight of the Burning Pestle

This is a complex play -- it starts out as The London Merchant, gets changed to The Knight of the Burning Pestle to shut up a rather loud and obnoxious citizen and his wife. However, the acting troupe (on stage) is still trying to put on The London Merchant, while Rafe (apprentice to the Citizen) is trying to do The Knight of the Burning Pestle. The Citizen and his wife constantly interrupt the action. All told, it is a really great show (complex as all get out, but ...). The actual actors are having to portray the actors presenting characters for a play, and slipping in and out of the characters to interact with the Citizen and his wife (or to react to them ...) ...
The Prologue
The Prologue (Juan Santiago, aka Tim Converse) is interrupted
by "A Citizen" (Wulfric of Creigull, aka Jeremy Fletcher), who is
not happy with the subject of the play he is in the process of introducing
(The London Merchant)

Photo by Hal Ravn, Contributed by Hirsch von Henford

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