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The Twenty-eighth Year

Highland Clan War -- Montagne du Roi

June 5-6, 1993 (AS XXVIII)

Site: Ford Ord Travel Camp, CA

From The Page (April, 1993):

Montagne du Roi's third annual Highland Clan War will be held the weekend of June 5-6 at Feiffer State Park in Big Sur (or Coyote Lake Park in Gilroy, depending on acquisition of site.)

The clan war is a battle between five person "clans" or teams in various battles. Winners will be awarded possession of the traditional Highland banner, as well as various (as yet undetermined) prizes.

The site will be open Friday afternoon/evening of set up. As usual, there will be a set up night stew in the Montagne du Roi encampment; all will be welcome. On Saturday evening there will be, in the time honored tradition of Darkwood, a baronial pot luck.

Autocrat: Caitlin O'Byrne (name/phone).

From The Page (June, 1993):

Once again the pipes are sounding. Join the lads and lassies in celebrating MdR's third annual Highland Clan War.

Please note the site change. The site will be the same as last year (yes, we are doing something about the Port-A-Privy situation this time) and will be open Friday at noon for set-up. Site fee will be $ 7 for the weekend or $3 for a day trip. MdR's hospitality stew and fresh bread will be served by the firepit on Friday night; all are welcome. Saturday night there will be a potluck.

The clan war, a battle between five person "clans" or teams, will be fought on Saturday. War points will be awarded for Combat Archery, Bridge Battle and Capture the Banner. Light fighters are welcome; all fighters please sign up at the troll booth. Armor inspection will begin at 10 a.m., fighting at 11:30.

Sunday there will be a battle featuring the Baron's Husscarls vs. Everyone Else.

Arts and Sciences: There will be a competition for Best Garb Under $10, with all entries to be donated to MdR's Gold Key. Prizes will be awarded in two categories: Professional (if you make garb for profit or are a professional sewer) and Amateur. Unusual items (i.e. not just T Tunics) will be welcomed. Page school activities will include a boffer tourney.

Directions: (omitted)

Autocrat: Caitlin 0' Byrne (name/contact info).

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