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The Twenty-eighth Year

Mad Dog Tournament -- Vair Couvert

August 8, 1993 (AS XXVIII)

Site: Serra Park, Sunnyvale, CA

From The Page (July, 1993):

This is your chance to be the Shire of Vair Couvet's first Mad Dog. Well, the first since we changed our name. The way to win this prestigious honor is to simply fight your guts out. You get one point for every fight you fight, and one point for every fight you win, the one with the most points at the end of the day wins the whole schmeer. For those that don't fight, there will be a nine-man Morris tournament. Both have a list fee of $1. The competitions at this event include: Hardanger anything for Arachne's Web; and for the Brewer's Guild (presumably to decorate their newsletter) a contest for cover and/or label art. There will also be a helm lunch auction. Fighters as well as non-fighters can being lunch to be auctioned off with proceeds going to the shire. For those thirteen and under there will be a boffer tournament to become "Grumpy Puppy" of Vair Couvet.

Autocrat: Ariel Blackrune (name/phone).

Directions: (omitted)

"My younger cousin had come to visit for the weekend, so took him to two SCA events. The first was for The First Sword Tourney in Esfenn. I won a few rounds, but did not keep on winning so did not win the tourney. Did pick ups and fought in the melees. Towards the end of the day, Duke Jade of Starfall arrived, so I continued fighting pick ups with him and another fighter.

"Stayed up late talking to my cousin and awoke early in the morning stiff and sore. We reloaded the car and drove down to Vair Couvert.

"Arrived with the sun clear, bright, and hot. Burning hot. Humid heat wafting from the grass blades.

"Gambeson still wet from day before. Yech! Armor getting hot to touch. Put it on. Humidity pushes breathable air out of pot helm.

"Trundle to field and am told by person that I pass inspection. Told I get points if I fight.

"So I fight. Challenge person in armor. Swing sticks at them. When I get hit I fall over into humid, hot ground. Sometimes they do instead. Feel like moving through hot water. Not aware of anything more than three feet away from me unless I hear words, "Lay on!" Then move Shield and stick frantically in front of me. Sometimes I fall down and gasp. Sometimes someone else does. Think I fall more than others. Not sure any more. I'm hot, very hot. See everything in humid haze. But I keep fighting.

"Need to keep fighting. I get points if I fight.

"Someone changed my armor to lead, sword and shield too. All very heavy. But need to get points. Don't know why, but need points. Strain to lift sword. Shield hangs at side to protect leg.

"Did I mention hot?

"Finally, no need to fight anymore. Some people hold court. Don't know who, but the were dressed funny like me, but not in armor. They call my name. Tell me I made the most points. Me happy. Me get to wear spiked dog collar." -- Erich Johann Meyer

Post Script: This is the first tourney I had ever won and had taken me too my very limits. My sword arm was so sore and exhausted that for the next two days at work I literally had to pick it up with my left in order to place it on the desk so I could write.

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