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The Twenty-eighth Year

Border War -- Jabal al-Samira

October 9-10, 1993 (AS XXVIII)

Site: Fugi Park, Carson City, NV

From The Page (September, 1993):

Once again war flares between our peaceful, unassuming shire; and our overly-full-of-themselves neighbors to the north, Silver Deserts (just kidding). Actually things are quite nice up here, and we can't decide on a site. In any case, the site will be about 30 minutes east of South Lake Tahoe. Mercenaries are very welcome and very invited, as are merchants. The site will open Friday October 8 at noon. For details on some unique scenarios, and all the good stuff, call the autocrat.

Autocrat: Arglwydd Madog Maelgwn map Rhodri of Gwenydd (name/contact info).

From The Page (October, 1993):

Those north of our border nasties from Silver Deserts are once again waging war upon our peaceful populace. The site for this years fracas will be the forests and dells of Fugi Park in Carson City. The camping area is large and shaded and is mown grass. The combat areas include a tremendous tangle of gullies, dells, bogs, and heavy undergrowth behind the park. There will be enough fighting to wear down even the toughest warrior. Mercenaries and merchants are very invited and encouraged. There are many non fighting events, as well as an archery butt for those who indulge in the shooting arts. Some competitions are; an on site instant theme bardic, belly dancing, a hear pit, and more. On Friday evening Madog Maelgwn will stand all comers in a three stage pass de arms, which will be video taped and edited for the area puhlic access cable station. All fighters are encouraged. Please call for information. Alcohol is allowed on this site, for those old enough to drink it. All fires must follow kingdom law. Twenty four hour shopping is nearby as are restaurants and services. The weather is usually warm with cool evenings. Also, there is a sciences contest for best lighting - in the spirit of being period. Parents alert; the forest is not a playground. There is a children's playground on site which requires parental supervision.

Site fees: Adults $5, Children under 12 $2, Merchants $10.

Directions: (omitted)

Autocrat: Arglwydd Madog Maelgwn map Rhodri of Gwenydd (name/contact info).

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