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The Twenty-eighth Year

Food Collegium and Cookery Guild Feast -- Kingdom of the West

February 5, 1994 (AS XXVIII)

Site: St. Alban's Church, Albany, CA

From The Page (January, 1994):

Come and join the combined forces of the Cookery, Brewers and Herbalists Guilds in celebrating their second food collegium. In addition to food classes, there will be arts & sciences classes, a feast and entertainment. There will be the following tracks: Food, Brewing (there may be a practical class), Page School, and Arts and Sciences. There will also be a cook a feast on site track which will include everything from baking bread to making a subtlety. This year we are cooking a German feast. Many of the dishes, except for the meat and perhaps one sauce, will be vegetarian.

The site fee for the Collegium is $3. There may also be small fees for classes to cover supplies. If you have been contacted about teaching a class, please contact the autocrat so she can confirm the class you are teaching and be aware of any special need s you may have (kitchen, space, time, etc.). If you have not been contacted and would like to teach, contact Caitlin ASAP so space arrangements can be made. We still have some open slots for classes, so please do this ASAP.

The feast tickets are $6 and are in addition to the site fee. Only 80 tickets will be sold, so please make your arrangements early as we sold out last time. You can attend the feast without attending classes or visa versa. Some of the kingdom's best cooks will be teaching/cooking the feast track. Please contact the autocrat for off-board arrangements. Tickets will be available at Twelfth Night and most other events. They can also be reserved by 'phone: (phone) or by mail; C. Kashuba, (address omitted). Makes checks payable to West Kingdom Cookery Guild, S.C.A., lne.

Directions: (omitted)

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