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The Twenty-eighth Year

First Sword Tourney -- Esfenn

August 7, 1993 (AS XXVIII)

Site: Weekes Park, Hayward, CA

From The Page (July, 1993):

Unto the Fighters of the West, gather ye to the wondrous Shire of Esfenn and help us determine who our next First Sword will be. The First Sword will lead the mighty army of Esfenn into battle, perform great feats of chivalry and decide how the prize tourney will be fought. It is said that becoming the First Sword can lead to bigger things.

So polish your armor, re-strap that shield, and re-tape your favorite sword, for this will be a day of much fighting. In addition to the champions list there will also be a prize tourney/melee, all fighters are encouraged to participate in the prize tourney/melee regardless of whether or not they participate in the champions list.

Speaking of the champions list, there is one rule that should be mentioned: Esfenn First Sword Rules Sec. 3.1 - All combatants shall wield a sword and only a sword. Allowed weapons include two handed swords, bastard swords, short swords or other sword types weapons. Please remember you sword. Note: This rule applies only to the First Sword Champion Tournament. You may use any weapons you wish for the prize tourney/melee provided the marshals and the current First Sword approve.

The site fee is $5 and the site, Weekes Park in Hayward, opens at 9 a.m. Lists sign ups begin at 9:30, armor inspection at 10:30 and fighting at 11:30 sharp. Come celebrate the days events with a revel/potluck in the evening. Suggested dishes to bring are: Last names A-E fruits and salads; F-N main dishes; O-S breads and cheeses; T-Z deserts. Sorry, Weekes Park does not allow pets. Any donation for the prize tourney/melee would be greatly appreciated. Please contact the autocrat if you have a donation.

Autocrat: Sean Tracy of Newburry (name/contact info).

Directions: (omitted)

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