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The Twenty-eighth Year

Cynagua Summer Investiture

July 17-18, 1993 (AS XXVIII)

Site: Lake Concow, Concow, CA

From The Page (June, 1993):

Come to Rivenoak for Cynagua Summer Investiture and camp in the cool pines on Lake Concow in the foothills northeast of Oroville. Site fee is $6. No swimming is allowed in the lake (parents, watch your children), but fishing is. By July we may have high fire restrictions - Kingdom fire laws will be strictly enforced. Be sure to bring buckets and fire extinguishers with your raised fire pits. Potable water is available from six spigots on site. Parking is limited so please carpool. There will be an archery range for I.K.A.C., so archers bring your bows. Site restrictions, and common sense, require that we recycle. Merchants are welcome.

Contests: The arts competition will be Dolls and Pictorial Needlework. The sciences competition is Toys (not dolls) and Brewing (something dark). Copper Spoon is meatballs, hot or cold (in temperature or spiciness); copper prizes will be given, recipes required. Documentation is expected for all contests.

Autocrat: Ceolgar of Amberglen (name/contact info).

Directions: (omitted)

Please note: The Arts and Sciences Tourney will be held the next weekend at this site. For those who wish to remain at the campground for the intervening week, the camping fee is $5 per carload per day, plus 50 cent per person per day "privies donations". The intervening week is not an S.C.A. sponsored event.

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Hauoc of House Bender
Sable estencelé Or, a cross
formy fitchy throughout argent.
Maren Kærling af Jørgensted
Sable estencelé Or, a crane in its
vigilance argent between three roses Or.
Arms by Vigdís Vestfirnzka

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