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Knights of the West

Flying Fish Productions
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Used with Permission

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The video is from several events, including what appears to be October Crown (Kelly's Camp), Oct. 3-4, 1992; Cynagua/Mists War (Gardner's Cove), Oct. 24-25, 1992; and a Caidan Crown Tournament event most likely Nov 7-8, 1992, and it was probably the Queen's Champion Tournament on the 8th (according to Natalya de Foix).

The following is an attempt to note at various points names of individuals spotted specifically (using the standard timeline, time is approximate/close). Links for Westerners are to the West Kingdom's Who's Who. Special thanks to Natalya de Foix (in Caid) who filled in the information for the Caidans in this video. Links for Caidan names are to the Caidan-Commons wiki ...

00:00Appears to be old Super-8 Video Footage from early days, opening titles ...
00:51Steven of Norham, Valgard Stonecleaver
01:25Eric of Huntington, Richard of Alder Tree, Stephen of Beckenham, Brion Thornbird ap Rhys, Elina of Beckenham
01:30Steven of Norham
02:07Eric Ibrahim Mozarabe (Eric of Huntington)
02:30Eric of Huntington, Stephen of Beckenham, Elina of Beckenham
03:34Stephen of Beckenham, Elina of Beckenham
03:40Carinne O'Branagáin, Richard of Greyfalle
03:45Sten Halvorsen
03:47Sten Halvorsen, Wiglaf Wilfriding, Farin of Ravberg
03:55Backs of many knights (Fealty), King Rolf, Queen Mari
04:03Kiriana Michaelson (Herald), King Rolf, Queen Mari
04:20Cynan an Math Mer
04:45Colin de Bray, Ceridwen MacAoudhegain
04:53Anne of Alanwyck and Brion Thornbird ap Rhys
05:10Stephen of Beckenham
05:27Eric of Huntington
05:37(?) "There are no losers on the field ..." and ...?
06:07Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez, Hirsch von Henford (yellow tights)
06:34Stephen of Beckenham
07:37Eric of Huntington
10:42Eichling von Amrun and William Schuyler (working on removing rivet from armor) (Caid)
10:56Voice of Eichling von Amrum (Caid)
11:14Eichling von Amrum (Caid)
12:46The man in the yellow tunic is Christopher Leyland d'Eyncourt (Caid)
13:15In the blue armor is Stephen de Huyn (Caid)
13:24The herald is Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood (Caid)
14:30Eichling is fighting Gilbert Rhys MacLachlan (Caid)
14:45The marshal at the end of the fight is Bruce Heydon (mundane name) (Caid)
15:12Lady in black and red is Adriana von Vogelsang (Caid)
15:15Acelyn Schirleah and Leonora Morgana (Caid)
15:18Caitríona ní Bhriain (Caid)
15:21Musicians (?)
15:49Sophie Xylander (and ?)
15:51Wiglaf Wilfriding and Colin de Bray
16:01Shaheena al-Riyadhi, Elina of Beckenham
16:13Siobhan of Cloverdell
16:23Eric of Huntington
16:45ishCynagua/Mists War
19:52Steven of Norham
20:51Iulstan Sigewealding (performing Beowulf in Middle English)
20:57Francis Goodfellow of Saxony
22:46(?) singing
23:28Eric of Huntington
24:23Hilarie the Puppeteer
24:36Marjorie of Bethany
24:58Phillip Harlech of Exeter
25:24Eichling von Amrum (back to real world)
26:19Eric Gardner (Eric of Huntington) in real world
27:13Eichling von Amrum (real world)
27:34Eric leaving work
27:46Back to black and white, end titles

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