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The Twenty-seventh Year

St. Brendan's Revolt -- St. Brendan

September 12-13, 1992 (AS XXVII)

From The Page (August, 1992):

Once again the peaceful Academicians of the College of St. Brendan are rising up to protest injustice, this time against the mundane powers that have raised their fees! This year the Brendanites have enlisted the help of St. David's, St. Cassian's and St. Katherine's and invite all fighters who want to have a FUN weekend of fighting and frolicking to come north behind the Redwood curtain.

To ensure a fun weekend, we are enlisting the help of the populace. If you have any ideas for FUN, non-traditional war scenarios involving lights and heavies please send them to the autocrat. We will use as many of them as possible.

Autocrat: Liam Catach O'Maoilbhreanainn (name/contact info).

From The Page (September, 1992):

We're once again up in arms over an unjust levying of taxes, this time by the mundane powers that be, and have declared war to settle the issue. All fighters, light and heavy, are invited to attend these two days of frolicking and fighting in the far northern reaches of the West. This is the same site used for the WesU An Tir War two years ago. The academicians of the College hope to make this a fun war by soliciting the ideas of the populace for enjoyable and creative scenario ideas. We are but poor and humble students, but we still wish to PAY all fighters and war support personnel that attend. To do this we need a RSVP of how many people your group will be bringing. Please send the RSVP to the Autocrat ASAP. Scenarios already being planned are a boar hunt and the Afghanistan sheep game that was published in a recent Tournaments Illuminated [II #102-Ed.]. Any ideas and suggestions should be directed to the autocrat. Lights will be used in as many sce- narios as possible. Markland-style blunts will be used. Water is scarce on site and while some will be trucked in, it is advised that you bring your own drinking water. Ground fires are not allowed but raised fire pits are OK. The site fee will be $6, $3 for children 12 and under.

Autocrat: Liam Catach O'Maoilbhreanainn (name/contact info).

Directions: (omitted)

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