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The Twenty-seventh Year

Wargy -- Southern Shores

February 21, 1993 (AS XXVII)

Site: Ed Levin Park, Miplitas, CA

From The Page (December, 1992):

Barons, seneschals, muster your forces, unfurl your banners and gather your pride! The time of the War-gy is nigh!

On Sunday February 21 at Ed Levin Park in Milpitas, the War-gy will commence. There will be an all day resurrection WAR. The field will be laid out in the shape of the Principality of the Mists. Mustering your forces in your geographic area, and expand your horizons. Annex your neighbors, acquire unguarded treasure chests, and protect your hearth and home. The objective is to find the winning war chest and get it back to your home territory where your branch banner awaits while preventing your neighbors from acquiring the chest. This is accomplished by capturing and confiscating their banners or relieving them of any chests they may have found. The catch: - all the other groups are trying to do the same thing to each other and to you. There will be four war chests; one will contain the winning treasure, two will have lesser treasures, the last will have a map of Milpitas and Alviso - oops, you loose! You can bring one, two, three, or all four chests back to your branch banner.

Any Mist's branch that wishes to participate needs to contribute two things; four non-combatants to help as water bearers, constables, heralds, chirurgeons, marshals, etc. and items for the war chests equal to your group's pride in itself. All fighters must be attached to a geographical branch - mercenaries, this is your cue. There will also be activities for non-combatants, including a non-fighters war chest. Sorry, the county is not friendly to merchants, so there will be no merchanting at this event.

Autocrat: Na'arah ba Avraham (name/contact info).

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