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The Twenty-seventh Year

Purgatorio Coronation

August 22-23, 1992 (AS XXVII)

From The Page (February, 1992):

Competitions: Arts (Performance): Dance, selection to be done by Pied d'Argent. Arts (Fine Arts): Needlework, Metallic thread work on an accessory. Examples are bullion or purl, Japan gold/membrane gold, paillettes (flat sequins). If you can document it you can use it. Sciences (practical): Coins. Sciences (Technical): Textiles, Woven trim (30 square inch min.).

From The Page (March, 1992):

Join us for fun and frivolity, pomp and circumstance, fighting and dancing, and Oertha's renown feasting!

For those of you who won't be able to bring your pavilion, we will offer a variety of on-site accommodations: sharing pavilions space with the local folk, reserving a spot in one of the "extra" pavilions, having a less-period tent to yourself, or you may be guested at a local home if sleeping bags make your bones ache. Just indicate your preference on the reservation form.

Site will open Friday afternoon (somewhere around 3). The tentative schedule calls for set-up, a buffet supper, and bardic in the evening. Saturday and Sunday will provide five meals, court, a prize tourney, the inevitable meetings, dancing, and contest judging. We are working on arranging for archery, and Donnan wants to run a fighters collegium (but that may have to be the week before or the week after Purg.). A Merchant's Row will be set-up, light infantry fighting is being discussed, and we may even manage a Hunt. We plan to close the site Sunday evening C7 or so, while we will have some daylight). While the site has not been nailed sown yet, we expect to stay within the Anchorage bowl area for the event, to reduce the amount of caravanning that must occur.

You can get to Alaska by car (from the mainland; if you have the time, the road's dusty but otherwise good), by bus (if you're really a masochist), by ferry (leaving from Seattle), or by air (for Lochac, the Far West, and anyone else). Make your travel plans as soon as you can; summer is tourist season here, and airlines fill flights quickly then. Group fares and charters are both possible.

Anchorage weather is a bit unpredictable. While average August temperatures are 63 to 49 degrees, the record high for the month is 82 degrees (record Iowa chill 31 degrees). And we normally get about 2 inches on rain during the month (the high was just short of 10 inches, the low less than 1/2 inch). But, since it's usually at least a little damp, we recommend waterproof foot wear and a warm cloak. Courts and meals will be held under cover, if need be.

Oertha welcomes this opportunity to meet and get to know those of you who have yet to travel to our shores, as well as those for whom this would be a return trip. We anticipate the growth of many new friendships, as well as the chance to partake in the full splendor of a Crown Event (which for many of use will be a first).

Autocrat: Nerissa Meraud de la Fontaine (name/contact info).

From The Page (April, 1992):

The site for Purgatorio is 1400-acre Kincaid Park, at the end of Raspberry Road, just south of Anchorage International Airport, in Anchorage, Alaska. This mostly undeveloped former NIKE missile site, now a Municipal park, includes 24 miles of hiking trails, a small lake On another part of the park from the event site), and mosquitoes -- remember insect repellent! Expect to see parka squirrels and a wide vari ety of birds, as well as shrews and other rodents. In the woods moose and bear are always a possibility; we recommend that you not wander away from the main encampment alone. Females of both species are very protective of their young.

Our feast hall is a converted missile bunker; two large garage-style doors will provide a view to the north as we eat (Mt. McKinley is sometimes visible from here). A long level grassy field just down the hill from the feast hall will contain the main encampment; heavy duty stakes are recommended for pavilions as the soil contains a lot of rock. We have been given permission for 6 open-pit fires (open-air bardics?), Coleman stoves and other elevated/contained flame sources do not count toward our fire quota and are perfectly acceptable for individual use; fire extinguishers are requested for every pavilion which expects to handle fire in any manner. An alcohol permit is being obtained to allow drinking on-site, but please remember that the legal drink age in Alaska is 21.

There are pay phones on-site (open 10 A.M.- 9 P.M.), portable toilets have been arranged for, potable water is at hand, and commercial power is available in the feast hall; not all the conveniences of home, but all the important ones.

We will be providing shuttle service from the airport directly to the site for those who are arriving Friday afternoon/Saturday morning by air. Please let us know (see reservation form, found elsewhere in this issue) your flight information as soon as you can, though it isn't neeessary to delay registering if you haven't yet made reservations. We will check back with you for that data doser to the event.

The autocrat, is hoping to attend Beltain Coronation with several hundred Purgatorio A.S. 27 Commemorative T-Shirts (sixes small to XXXL) to sell ($10-12 each, depending on size). The artwork is by Uywellyn ab Tallessin, of Eskalya (you should see this Celtic knotwork- it's incredible!). Proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Kingdom Travel Fund to assist in financing the travel of KIngdom Officers to Purgatorio.

We invite you to register at your earliest convenience. A reservation form will be appearing in the Page, you can also write to the Kingdom Chronicler who will send you one.

Competitions: Arts (performance): Dance, selection to be done by Pied d'Argent. Arts (Fine Arts): Needlework, Metallic thread work on an accessory. Examples are bullion or purl, Japan gold/membrane gold, paillettes (flat sequins). If you can document it you can use it. Sciences (practical): Coins. Sciences (Technical): Textiles, Woven trim (30 square inch min.). Wooden Spoon Wild Thang (Game meat, wild poultry or fish). Pied d'Argent: Earl of Salisbury Pavan.

Autocrat: Nerissa Meraud de la Fontaine (name/contact info).

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Rolf the Relentless
Pean, a compass-star fitchy of
eight Or.
Mari Greensleeves
(aka Mari Alexander)
Azure estencelly, in canton a
quatrefoil saltirewise Or.
Rolf's Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm,
Mari's Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov


"This event was the first Kingdom event held in the Principality of Oertha, specifically it was held in the Barony of Eskalya. It saw the end of the reign of Jade and Shaheena, and the Coronation of Rolf and Mari.

"The week before the event, Mount Spur, a volcano outside of Anchorage (Eskalya) spewed ash into the air, causing many problems, including ash in the air and on the ground; and cancelled plane flights for visitors. The bits of rain that occurred just before the event reduced the ash in the air substantially, and everyone had a good time. Some moose wandered through and around the site all weekend, which was a delight for the visitors, many of whom had never seen moose that close and personal before." -- Hirsch von Henford

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