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The Twenty-seventh Year

October Crown

October 3-4, 1992 (AS XXVII)

Site: Kelly's Camp, Clear Lake

From The Page (February, 1992):

Competitions: Arts (Fine Arts): Drawings for everybody! You have a choice of SCA recaptured or legend recaptured. Here's the hitch. Sciences (practical): Brewing and Fermentation, Mead and Wine. Sciences (Technical): Armor, Pre 13th Century.

From The Page (September, 1992):

This site has potable water. some flush toilets. coin-operated showers. fixed barbeques, and a man-made swimming hole. There is also a mini-store on-site where you can get ice, charcoal, firewood, beer, pop, snacks, and the like. There will be a space for archery.

Please do not drive over 5 miles an hour at any time on the site. Also. no driving on the Eric after dark on Friday. please. Please remember to remove all unloaded vehicles to the parking area. and to keep RV s in the designated parking area. No open fires will be allowed except for the Bardic Circle. All sources of heat (hibachis, stoves, lanterns, candles, etc.) must be kept off the ground and never left unattended!

Dogs are okay. but they must remain leashed at all times.

On Sunday there will be a prize tourney benefiting "Toys for Tots". The entry fee for the tourney is a new toy. The prize for the winner is a hand made dagger; there will be several other prizes as well.

, Also benefiting "Toys for Tots" an Arts Competition for Children's Games. Again the entry fee will be a new toy and the entries (the games) will be donated to the Page School. There will be a prize for the winner.

Parents Alert: The site is not remarkably dangerous. but it is bounded by a road on one side. and the creek on the other. It also has a swimming hole that is 12 feet deep at one end.

Water Winnie Alert: Lately we've been having a real problem with mud-puddles caused by using 'Water Winnies'. Please use these, and other items of water terrorism, away from by-standers, and the well-travelled areas (walking paths, drinking fountains, etc.). Parents talk to your children! Knights talk to your squires! Ladies talk to your Knights!

Merchants: The fee is $10 per booth. Merchants' Row will begin near the SE corner of the Eric and go at a diagonal towards the road.

Quiet Hours: Start at Midnight! Keep quiet enough to allow people to sleep. And absolutely no drums, horns or other noise-makers after 10 P.M.

Competitions: The brewing competition will be held as originally announced. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but clarification of certain modern laws were necessary. -Minister of Sciences. Arts (Fine Arts): Drawings for everybody! You have a choice of SCA recaptured or legend recaptured. Sciences-(Practical): Fermentation and Brewing, Mead and Wine. Sciences- (Technical): Armor. Pre 13th Century. Pied d'Argent: La Royne. Wooden Spoon-Grains of Paradise ('side' -dishes using grain).

Site fee: $6 ($3-13 years-old and under).

C- Three (C') Party: the Kingdom Chirurgeon (along with his deputy-the Kingdom Waterbearer), Kingdom Chronicler, and Kingdom Constable. will be sponsoring a "thank you" party for all of those helpful people who volunteered and made our lives much easier this last year. Without your help we could not run these offices. The party will be held in the building to the south of the store at Kelly's Camp. Everyone who has volunteered to help the Kingdom in some way this year, and those who want to say thank you to all of the volunteers, are welcome to attend. It is not limited to only those serving in our offices. Donations of food and non-alcoholic drinks will be gratefully accepted. Hot Cider and some starter munchies will be provided. In deference to our under-age volunteers this will be a DRY party. No alcohol will be allowed and those arriving with it will be asked to leave.

We thank you all for all of the time that you have donated to the Kingdom this last year.

Constable's Meeting: Saturday afternoon there will be a meeting of the Senior Constables. Please, if you are a senior constable make plans to attend or contact the Kingdom Constable, Balin the Hunter-in advance.

Lost and Found: the Constables will hold another lost and found sale. Spread the word that if someone lost something at Twelfth Night they had best check on it in the morning or it will be sold in the afternoon.

Autocrat: Edwinna of Hawk's Bluff (name/contact info).

Directions: (omitted)

From The Page (October Crown, 1992):

The copy was essential the same, with the addition of this bit about Arachne's Web, added just before the Autocrat contact info (and "Water Winnie" was corrected to "Water Weanie"):

Arachne's Web: There will be a meeting of the members of Archne's Web, the Lacemakers Guild, some time during October Crown. Place and time to be announced at court.

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