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The Twenty-seventh Year

Fallen Crest Tourney -- Inbhir na Dá Abhann

April 17, 1993 (AS XXVII)

From The Page (April, 1993):

Our fighters have decided it is time for outrageous craziness and fun in the eric. Both a light and a heavy weapons fallen crest tourneys will be held. A fallen crest tourney can be a lot of fun and even more silliness depending on how creative people get - and we highly encourage creativity.

In order to qualify for the tourney, you must make a crest for your helm. The crest must be out of screen wire and paper mache and be between seven and nine inches in height. The crest must be able to be secured to your helm top by duct tape. By the way, it is considered bad form - to the point you will be disqualified - if your crest cannot be crushed. The tourneys will be double elimination with the best two out of three for the final round. In order to "kill" your opponent, you must crush his crest, knocking it off doesn't count unless it gets crushed in the doing - it gets re-taped and a rematch is fought - it must be crushed. Remember, you will need at least two crests because these are double elimination tourneys. There will be crests available for purchase for a nominal fee from the autocrats if you find you are without one.

The feast will be pot luck. We aren't planning a lunch. We hope to have the feast fairly early. Please bring enough to serve 10 people, designated as follows (use the first initial of your mundane last name): A-E main dish; F-J breads; K-O side dishes; P-T desserts; U-Z veggies.

Please note there will be limited oven and stove space available. There are also plug ins available for crock pots, etc. Remember - those with special dietary requirements (vegetarians, etc.) bring something you can eat.

For those of you who are non fighters, a gaming revel will be conducted indoors. Backgammon, chess, fox and geese and various other board games will be available for attendees to play.

Bardic will be starting early in the evening, and continuing until late, so please bring your song books, instruments, and voices.

The site fee for all this fun and frivolity is $3 per person, children 10 and under are $1. The site opens at 11 a.m. If you arrive early, we will put you to work. However, if you arrive empty handed, our erstwhile constables will tax you an additional $3 to compensate the cooks. Mundane family units will not be charged an additional tax as one dish covers the donation for the family. Of course, extra donations for the feast will be graciously accepted - heck, we'll even cook it.

Autocrat: Bran McNish (name/contact info).

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