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The Twenty-seventh Year

Herald's Collegium

April 3, 1993 (AS XXVII)

Site: U.C. Berkeley, CA

From The Page (February, 1993):

Herald's Collegium is coming up in just a few months. We still need people to teach classes and people to attend them. This will notbe a collegium aimed at power heralds; nor is it intended for those who wear the tabard.

People are needed to teach everything from basic design and name research to the more esoteric concepts of persona-accurate (read: non-British) heraldry. Are you willing to give just an hour of your day for the edification of others? Perhaps you can't teach, but there is a subject you would like to see taught. Call or write (writing is better) the autocrat and let him know what you can do or what you want to see.

A site has not yet been set, but it will most likely be in the Province of the Mists.

Autocrat: Edward of Effingham (name/contact info).

From The Page (March, 1993):

Come one come all to the College of St. Katherine's for the Heralds' Collegium. You don't need to wear the tabard to attend: there are courses for non-heralds, long-time heralds, and new heralds.

The collegium will be for one day, April 3.

The site of the collegium will be Barrows Hall on the University of California, Berkeley, campus. The building is behind Sproul Hall, on Bancroft Street. There is parking available on the street, and the parking lot on Bancroft under the tennis courts. (The latter costs $3 in quarters, but is good for the whole day.)

The first class starts at 10 a.m., so get there early to register. Registration is in 174 Barrows. A lunch break after the first two sessions will allow you a chance to explore the culinary wonderland near the university, or to hang out with other heralds and herald symps.

The classes currently being offered:

Rules/process for submission: (For those preparing a submission: what do you need to do? How many copies do you need? How much money?)

Filling out the forms: (For those preparing a submission; what do all those blanks on the formn mean? How can you get it done to expedite your submission?)

Vocal projection: (Making yourself heard across the hall or the field without destroying your throat or voice.)

Researching names: (The technique of finding documentary sources and eliminating conflict with historical names.)

How to run a court: (A panel discussion on the duties involved in being the voice of the crown when they are sitting right next to you.)

How run field and do "duty": (Good for those who want to learn how to do other heraldic duties beyond bookwork.)

Heraldry for non-heraldic cultures: (Vikings and Anglo-Saxons can have culture-specific armory. Here's one way to try it.)

Positioning beasties: (How to correctly emblazon monsters, birds, and beasties; good for scribes, submittors, and others who want to understand good style.)

Conflict researching 101: (Hands on work on how to do conflict research; good basic skills for heralds, and for submittors who want to cut time off their submission.)

Understanding heraldspeak: (Terms commonly used in heraldry are explained, as is elementary blazon.)

Scandinavian naming practices: (How to make a correct Nordic-type name.)

Court Practice Class/Hands on court: (Running practice courts with real ex-royalty.)

After the collegium, there will be a revel at the home of Eilis O'Boirne. Directions will be available at the Collegium.

Autocrat: Edward of Effingham (name/contact info).

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