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The Twenty-seventh Year

Highland Clan War / Bard of the Oaks -- Darkwood

May 30-31, 1992

From The Page (April, 1992):

Once again the piper plays as the clans go to battle. Come join the Canton of Montagne du Roi at Pfeiffer State Park in Big Sur, May 30-31 for the 2nd Highland Clan War/Bard of the Oaks competition.

There will be an Arts & Sciences Competition in brewing. The fighting will consist of Melee, King of the Hill, Bridge Battle, and Battle for the Barons. Page School activities will include a class on court etiquette, boffer tourney and scavenger hunt.

There will be no feast. The site fees are $5 per adult, children 5-12 $2.50, and under 4 are free. No advanced reservations are necessary.

Directions: (omitted)

From The Page (May, 1992):

Attention Lads and Lassies! Once again the pipes are calling, and the clans are gathering for the Second Annual Highland Clan War.

The Clan War is really a series of battles between clans (teams), and the winning team is decided by a point system. Points will be awarded in the following categories: Melee, Bridge Battle, Battle for the Barons, the Arts & Sciences Period Beverage Competition, and Best Speech to Rally Your Oan. There will also be open melees and plenty of room for fishing.

Planned events for Page School include a boffer tourney and a courtesy class.

The Bard of the Oaks (Baronial Bard of Darkwood) performs at Darkwood events upon the Baron/Baroness' request, fosters the bardic arts in the barony, and must hold a competition in one year to choose a successor. Requirements for the competition are: Three pieces of no more than five minutes each; one a documented period piece, one praising the Baron/Baroness/Barony, and one piece of your choice. Documentation need be no more than a reference (more thorough documentation is eagerly welcomed) and pieces must be period-no filk, please!

The competition will be judged by the Baron & Baroness of Darkwood, the current Bard of the Oaks, and if available the Darkwood Minister of Arts, and past Bards of the Oaks. It may get dark before we're through so please bring any necessary light for your performance.

Autocrat: Tamara Antoinette (name/contact info).

Directions: (omitted)

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