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The Twenty-seventh Year

Black Knight Tourney -- Shire of Canale

August 15-16, 1992 (AS XXVII)

From The Page (June, 1992):

Rumors have reached Southern Cynagua that the 'Evil' Brotherhood of Black Knights are planning to invade us for the third time with their women-stealing ways and their cruel taunts to all the good and pure fighters of the West. The Shire of Canale invites one and all to come and stop this vicious horde from destroying the surrounding countryside. The site fee for this one day tourney is $3, under 6 free. Site opens at 9 A.M. and NO pets allowed.

Autocrat: Katherine Goodpasture (name/contact info).

Directions: (omitted)

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Held at Phoenix Hall (in Winton, California).

The History of the Black Knight's Tournament

The Black Knight's Tournament began back in AS XXV when the Lords Malcolm McRaidh of Black Oak and Madoc Hawthorne Sinclair decided to do something different with the Southern Cynagua Summer Tournament. They asked Count Sir Christian du Glaive, Viscount Sir Gareth of Crawford, and Sir David of Aragon if they would be interested in portraying the evil Black Knights and fighting all comers at the Tournament. After varying amounts of hesitation, they agreed to do the Tournament, and thus was born Sir Lucifer, Sir Accolon and Sir Gustavus, the Bastard Brothers.

It became obvious that the Bastard Brothers had gotten into the spirit of things on the very first fight, when Lord Tristan MacKendrick fought Sir Lucifer. Sir Lucifer closed, pushed Lord Tristan over, sat on his chest and beat him with his basket hilt. A tradition was born. At the end of the tournament, it was decided that this should become a yearly event, but that more Black Knights would be necessary due to the number of fights that were being fought. A special notice and thank you must be given to Sir Anton Hojen, Black Knight Herald, who would announce all of the fights and attempt to control some of the Black Knight's worst excesses for the first three Black Knight Tournaments. This tournament began the tradition of the Black Knights selecting on of their opponents as worthy of recognition for their behavior on the field. the first prize awarded for the most worthy combatant went to Lord Malcolm McRaidh.

The next year, the Bastard Brothers were back and they brought their cousins. Sir Cybi di Elmhurst, Cynagua's newest Knight became Sir Vladimir, Viscount Sir Obidiah the Obstreperous became Sir Boris, and Sir Wiglaf Wilfriding became Sir Malfeasor. Despite some rather ragged fighting by the forces of good, the tournament was a success. Lord Konrad the Bohemian was selected as the most worthy opponent by the six Black Knights in the second edition of the Black Knight's Tournament.

AS XXVII saw the Black Knight Tournament moving to Lord Tristan's Phoenix Hall for a year. The same six Bastard Brothers rode in to do battle with the forces of Chivalry. The tournament occurred on the hottest day of the year, with temperatures reaching 106 in the shade. The fighting began outdoors, and sure enough, without fail, Sir Lucifer got the festivities off with a bang when he pulled out a black powder pistol and 'shot' Lord Thorfinn Magnussen, who had the misfortune of being squire to Sir Boris.

Soon after this, the extreme heat drove the fighting indoors at Phoenix Hall. where Lord Tristan had several anxious moments as combat went bashing into and nearly through the walls of his hall. In the end, however, everyone and everything survived in essentially one piece. One of the highlights of the tournament was a brief appearance of one of the Bastard Brother's city cousins, Sir Gordy the Lawyer, as played by Sir Michael St. Sever. His brief appearance was an ominous portent of things to come. Lord Thorfinn, recovered from his 'wounds' was selected as the most chivalrous opponent by the Black Knights at the pool side court of Prince Cathan of Cynagua. When last seen, the Black Knights were sulking off into the distance, except for Sir Boris who was attempting to empty Lord Tristan and Lady Brenna's pool with cannonballs.

At the traditional post tournament pizza feed, Sir Gareth and Sir Wiglaf concluded that the traditional Black Knight Tournament of the last three years had reached the point of being routine and something new was needed. They suggested The Seven Deadly Sins, which would allow them to add a badly needed seventh Black Knight and keep in the spirit of the previous tournaments.

Thus was born the Seven Deadly Sins Tournament. The concept of a Pilgrim's Progress was added to give the challengers a part to play, and almost without realizing it, a very period tournament was developed. The Tournament returned to McConnell Boy Scout Camp where it had been held for the first two years, and fortunately, the temperature was much more pleasant for the Bastard Brothers, now the Seven Deadly Sins.

The Sins were Sir Lucifer the Angry, Sir Accolon the Envious, Sir Boris the Gluttonous, Sir Vladimir the Greedy, Sir Malfeasor the Prideful, in a return engagement, Sir Gordy the Lustful, and the newest Bastard Brother, Sir Loren of Berwick playing Sir Devon Deathdealer the Slothful. Each of the Sins had a Virtue paired with them to assist the Pilgrims and watch out for the Sins. These Virtues were Mistress Morgan Athenry as Prudence, Mistress Katherine Goodpasture as Contentment, Baroness Brenna of Phoenix Hall as Temperance, Lady Keira Lye d'Alessandria as Charity, Lady Katelyne Deveraux Simpson as Humility, Lady Cassandra Chernakova as Chastity and Lady Fiona Mairi Galbraith of Misty Glen as diligence. Their contribution to the success of the tournament should not be overlooked.

The part of the first Pilgrim's Conscience was played by Earl Sir Brion Thornbird ap Rys who appeared as the Pope for the day. Also present were all six reigning royalty of the central West Kingdom and even five fighter from Lochac.

In all, thirty-five Pilgrims began the Progress, and in a chivalrous gesture that betrayed their sinful nature, the Sins agreed to fight all who would come against them, even if the time limit for the tournament had expired. Thus, each of the Sins fought over thirty fights in the course of the day. This led to the comparing of bruises the next morning, which is part of the tournament that many could do without.

Victory was given to the Pilgrim who defeated the most Sins during the progress, and victory on this day went to King Fabian and Earl Sir Phillip Harlech, Champion of Princess Anastacia of the Mists, who each defeated all of the Sins. the deed of the Princess Anastacia's Guard were immortalized in the poem 'Ken Ye Well' by Viscountess Wander Riordan, then Bard of the Mists. Perhaps the most appropriate moment of the Tournament was when Sir Kane Greymane of Lochoc refused victory over Sir Boris when Sir Boris pointed out that Sir Kane had lowered his fighting to the level of the Sin, and this did not deserve the fight. This fight symbolizes what the Black Knight Tournament has attempted to stand for in all of its editions.

-- History by Olof Gudmundsson

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