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The Twenty-sixth Year

All Hallows Eve Feast -- Vinhold

November 9, 1991 (AS XXVI)

From The Page (September, 1991):

COME ONE! COME ALL! WHETHER YE BE BIG OR SMALL-VINHOLD'S announcing their Annual "ALL HALLOWS EVE FEAST", which will be held on November 9th at the Camel Barn Museum in Benicia. What's a Camel Barn Museum you ask? Come and see! Tickets for the Feast are on sale for $10 for adults and $5 for smalls under 12 years of age. The competition to select the next Bard of Vinhold will be held in conjunction with the Feast. The competition is open to all; one need not be a resident of Vinhold to be the Bard of Vinhold (in fact, the current Bard isn't).

The duties of the Bard of Vinhold will be to perform at Vinhold events at the pleasure of the Baron and Baroness of Vinhold, and to hold a competition to choose his successor in one year's time.

The competition will consist of three parts, to be performed in the spaces between the removes. The first part will be the performance of an original work, in a period style, praising Vinhold, Baron Eric or Baroness Megan. For the second piece, the contestants will draw three words from a hat and improvise a poem or song using these words. The third piece will be the performer's choice of any work, original or not.

All pieces should be period in style. The first and third pieces can be a song, story, poem or musical performance at the performer's option. No piece should be more than five minutes long.

The Judges of the competition will be the Baron, the Baroness, and the Bard of Vinhold.

The feast is free of charge to all entrants to the contest! However, if you wish to compete, you must notify the current Bard or the Autocrat at least two weeks before the feast, so that feast tickets can be reserved. We must have at least three contestants to hold the contest. Also, if you are interested in entertaining between removes we are looking for entertainers (good, bad or otherwise). Again, the tickets are free to those who would entertain us. So come and join us! Eat, Drink and Be Merry. Interested? Questions?

Feastocrat: Bjorn Jarnberg (name/contact info).

If you wish to compete, please contact the current Bard of Vinhold, Eoin Thoirr Dhragoin (name) at (phone), or contact the autocrat as soon as possible.

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