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The Twenty-sixth Year

Anniversary Tournament and Revel -- Teufelberg

October 12, 1991

From The Page (September, 1991):

The Shire of Teufelburg invites one and all to its 10th Anniversary Tournament and Revel on October 12th at Brookwood Park on the corner of Taylor and Withers on the Pleasant Hill/Lafayette border. The day will conclude with a Potluck feast and an evening of revelry at the Boy Scout Hut in Lafayette. Daytime games will be available for all to enjoy and special events are planned for children. The tourney site is a first-come-first-served site, so we will arrive early to reserve space. The fighting events will begin at 11 A.M.

The fighting will include a Champion of Teufelburg list (for natives of Teufelburg only) and a BYOP list (Bring Your Own Prize). For the BYOP list, each combattant should bring the number of prizes (Inexpensive trinkets, Beer, Duct Tape, use your imagination) that he or she wishes to have lives in the list (Maximum of 3). When a fighter is defeated, one of the prizes he brought goes to the victor. You never lose a prize you have won, only a prize you have brought.

The victor of the lists will have 1, 2 or 3 prizes of his own bringing remaining. These will be distributed by the Ladies of Teufelburg in the following manner: the first prize will go to the fighter deemed most chivalrous, the second prize (if there is one) will go to the fighter deemeed most attractive, and the third prize (if available) will go to the fighter with the most graceful fighting style, all as judged by the Ladies of Teufelburg.

The victor of the Championship List is expected to attend monthly meetings and participate in local events.

A potluck dinner is planned at the revel site with a non-alcoholic punch to be provided by the Shire. This year, we are orchestrating a potluck feast with a Celtic theme. Contact the autocrat or Megryth Bowbreaker for a recipe assignment until October 6th. After that date plan a general potluck dish. Games, dancing and general revelry will complete the evening. A nominal site fee/donation will be requested.

Autocrat: Jeanette of Briarrose (name/contact info) or co-autocrat Megryth Bowbreaker at (phone).

Directions: (omitted)

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