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The Twenty-sixth Year

Beer and Velvet War -- Ravenshire

June 16, 1991 (AS XXVI)

From The Page (June, 1991):

Beer and Velvet War
This last Twelfth Night, Ob made a mess.
He slopped a beer on Aralynne's dress.
The velvet was ruined by this mini-Valdez,
Wolfscairn cried, "Ob, we may slay you, please!"
They asked if Ravenshore their Balkans would be.
I said "Why, sure. It's fine with me."

"Come fight for your favorite, I don't care,
'Cause whoever loses this noble dare,
It's one less neighbor with an army to deploy."
Ya know ... Mama Weland didn't raise no dumb boy!

On June 15 Obadiah the Obstreperous and friends will meet the forces of Wolfscairn on the field of battle at Mill Creek County Park, Ukiah, which is conveniently located between the two. The site will open at 9 am, and close around 6 p.m. Site fee is $3.

Autocrats: Weland (phone), or Edwinna (phone). After the event, a field trip is planned to the Hopland Brewery.

Directions: (omitted)

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