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The Twenty-sixth Year

Summer Coronet Tournament -- Oertha

July 20-21, 1991 (AS XXVI)

From The Page (July, 1991):

Winter's Gate invites one and all to journey north for Summer Coronet and Investiture. The theme is Oriental with food and atmosphere from Japan, China and the spice route. Setup begins on Friday aftemoon, with the site officially opening at 6pm and closing at 4 P.M. on Sunday.

The site is a mundane lodge (but not blatantly so) and there will be a small amount of mundanes around. Some of them will be interested in what we are doing, so please be friendly and guide them to people who can explain things to them. There is parking in the front and lots of camping space in back. There are also rooms both in the lodge and in a separate building for $80 for the weekend. Some rooms have one bed and some have two. The owners have no problem if extra people wish to crash on the floor in the rooms. Alcohol is permitted on site--use common sense and please be polite.

Contests include the following: Ivory Thimble - Period Quilting in Any Mode. Qulting, for the purpose of the contest, consists of stitching that holds two or more layers of fabric together. Some of the table techniques include Quilting (two layers plus batting), Trapunto, Applique and Pieced (non-Colonial America). Quilting, Trapunto, Applique techniques must be done by hand; Piecing may be done by machine. Entries should be researched and preferably entered with documentation. Autocrat's Whims - An Origami contest to be judged by children, a Fan Painting contest in an oriental style and a Haiku competition to be read at Bardic.

The following food will be provided:

Saturday: Brunch (Stews, breads, cheeses etc.); Feast (Main courses from Japan and China Appetizers from the spice route)

Sunday-Brunch (Leftovers and standard breakfast fare)

A tentative schedule is:

Penelope O'Suileabhain will be teaching a Dance Practice during the day on Saturday for dancing later on that night.

Autocrat: Targan de Montfort (name/phone) before 10 pm.

Directions: (omitted)

Donnan the Truehearted
Per pall inverted azure, vert, and
argent, a mermaid in her vanity,
facing and her tail flexed to sinister,
Callista Belgaire
Argent, a red fox salient proper
within a double tressure surmounted
by an orle of eight trefoils, stems
set alternately inwards and outwards,
Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

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