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The Twenty-sixth Year

Highland Clans War and Feast -- Montagne du Roi

May 31 - June 2, 1991 (AS XXVI)
From The Page (April, 1991):

While wars are plentiful here in the West, they usually have one small fault, to whit, if you belong to a fighter unit of fewer than 12-20 souls you are sure to be broken up and attached to other larger and more well known groups. Well at long last opportunity knocks for the smaller units.

Highland Clans War is for five man melee teams. Through a variety of martial and non-martial contests one team will emerge the champion of the meet and claim the right to unfurl the Clans' Banner o'er their unit for the next year. There will be many scenarios to fight. One highlight is the booty battle. Each team must present an Arts/Sciences entry for judging in order to participate in the war. It need not be made by one of the fighters, but can just as easily be made from a ron-combatant member of that "clan". The work will be judged according to aesthetics, practicality, authenticity, craftsmanship, and documentation. These points will go towards the war points and hep determine the winner. The Catch is, don't enter something you can't bear to part with, because winner takes all, and to the victor go the spoils (that is, the A&S entries).

Other non-martial combats will be motivational speech, to be given by the team leaders to their fighters, and perhaps most importantly, after all is done, bards representing each team will present their version of that team's performance that day. As in history, sometimes the heroics praised by the minstrels bore little resemblance to fact, but they did establish the lasting reputation of that group.

After the day is done there will be feasting with entertainment from the Bard of the Oak Competition.

The Bard of the Oak competition is open to all; one need not be a resident. The duties will be to perform at Darkwood events at the pleasure of the Baron and Baroness of Darkwood, to foster the bardic arts within the Barony, and to hold a competition to choose his successor in one year's time.

The first part of the competition will be the performance of a period work. The second will be the performance of an original work, in a period style, praising Darkwood, Baron Wilhelm or Baroness Elizcbeth. The third piece will be the performer's option.

All pieces should be period in style-no filk, please. A piece can be a song, story, poem or musical performance, at the performer's option. For the first piece, some documentation will be required; it may consist merely of a source which other bards may consult. No piece should be more than five minutes long.

The judges of the competition will be the Baron, the Baroness, the Bard of the Oak, and the Darkwood Arts Minister. If you wish to compete, please contact the current Bard of the Oak, Eoin Toirr an Dhragoin (name) at (phone), as soon as possible.

Note: Bard contestants eat free. After the feasting many may wish to revel at a bardic circle in the site's natural amphitheater.

The site is beautiful Pfiefer State park at Big Sur, 30 miles south of Monterey. The camp is a fairy-tale forest of giant redwoods buried in a majestic highland valley. Besides being too gorgeous for words the site boasts indoor privies, running water, and the Head Ranger predicts that open fires are allowed! as long as they are in the fire pits provided. If you're not sure what a redwood glen looks like just check any U.S. travel book with pictures.

The feast is a Scottish extravagance with 100% normal foods. Our Feastocrat is Inez, and those of you who came to our last tourney sampled her fare. The menu is: Throughout the afternoon, an appetizer table. Evening dining will be: Cock-a-leekie, Braized Beef, Lamb Kail, Greens Salad, Herbed Carrots, Pease Pudding, Various Breads, Biscuits, Scones and Shortbreads, and for dessert, Swiss Roll.

The site opens at 2pm on the 31st and closes at 2pm on the 2nd. The cost is a mere $10 includes a feast ticket, $5 without feast. Children 6-12 are 1/2 price. Reservations are required by 15 May. Please send check or money order to the autocrat. Make checks paycble to "SCA Inc.,-Canton of Montagne du Roi." You will be sent confirmation of your reservation.

Autocrat: Iain MhicMairghdhin (name/contact info)

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